Friday, November 30, 2012

17 -72 Names of God

Pronunciation: Lamed Aleph Vav
Purpose: Great Escape (removing ego)
Meditation: This Name brings the greatest of all freedoms - the escape from my own ego-based desires, selfish inclinations, and the "me first" mentality that ultimately cause pain in my life. In their place, I gain life’s true and lasting gifts - family, friendship and fulfillment.
As I look into my soul, I can feel the sore places where I have been wounded by my ego - worry over what people think about me, needing to be right, angry when things don't go my way. As I let it go and reach for Light on a higher plane, those places in my soul open up. I am free, my ego diminishes and I concentrate on what is really important - love, friends, family, spiritual fulfillment, connection.