Wednesday, November 28, 2012

12 - 72 Names of God

Pronunciation: Hey Hey Ayin
Purpose: Transform hatred through unconditional love (like attracts like!)
Meditation: When I emulate the Creator's love for all humankind, I bring love into my own life. I create harmony between myself and other people and between humanity and the natural world. I open up...that’s it, a little more, good, a little more... As I focus on unconditional love for all people around me, the dark forces within are cast out. In the past, I have felt hatred for certain people.  Now, as I picture those people in my mind, I feel only love.  Light washes over them, and me, and I recognize the common thread that we share—the spark of the Creator.  My heart opens as I wish them joy and fulfillment, peace and greater understanding.