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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Think 4 YourSelf

לפני כשעהNicky Harmid says, So what do you do when you see or hear of events that appear horrific, or worrisome. Or bring up anger and fear, and feelings of helplessness? What do you do when you see the lies, deception, and utter desperateness of your politics, big business, the “Cabal” , etc, etc, etc.
First stop deliberately exposing yourself to it.
Second take your reaction, rather than the event and say “what can I do now? How can I bring love to it? “ Then take your knowing of the hurt and pain being experience by either the victims, or the perpetrators, or both and, in your imagination (imaging in), be with them. Let them feel your Shine your lovingness your “hug”. And really and truly bless them. You live in a quantum universe and your lovingness is more real than the event and the unlo

vingness that is playing itself out.
As so many of us are doing this we put each and every “actor” into “containment”. A containment of light and love (where angels gather}, and there own actions are quickly reflected back to them. They will feel the repercussions more strongly and more immediately when they act on unlovingness, and a mellowing begins and grow.

Just watch how our world is changing, how people are changing. You contribute each time you show your mastery over your own choices for the essence of your Being, rather than your reactions to the illusion.

Shine On
I Love You