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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Evolution Of The 5 Elements - A Crop Circle Message

(photo by  2013 the year of the Divine Feminine)

The following is the 6th message that we received in Avalon (England and Scotland) this past June/July 2012 over Solstice.  It might be a good idea to read them in order as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know that the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Star Elders and all the others that joined us, assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you as you read them. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos on the website that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.
We just entered a crop circle . . .

There is a reason why you are giggling, by the way . . . because this crop circle is a real one, and it is pumping some nice energy. This is the way you are supposed to feel in a crop circle; not like the other one we say earlier. Do you feel the difference? (The group said "YES") It's a big difference.

The Star Elders said that when this crop circle was formed, and we saw it online, it was the only one they wanted us to enter. They said that it represents the evolution of the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. We are sitting in the place where the five elements evolve. Ether is very misunderstood element. Ether is the spirit from which everything is created. What they are doing now, while we are in this circle, is helping us to evolve our elements and our ether-nets (laughter). That was Archangel Michael. He is evolving our ether-nets so we can . . . Oh, NO, don't make me say that . . . This is Archangel Michael: he says that he is re-wiring our ether-nets, so we will know how to plug-n-play into our new Smart Homes. I couldn't make this stuff up. I do not have his sense of humor.

So where we are going (the new age) has a new Smart House. You know those Smart Houses that are wired with all the cool stuff - that is where we are headed. But the cool stuff will not be outer technology; it will be an inner technology inside of us. This technology is based on a new geometry, an evolution of the elements, because the elements have to evolve as well as our bodies. The chemistry, the mathematics, the geometry, all the laws of nature, must evolve for us to enter this new dimension.

When we were watching crop circles, I was bummed because I thought that most of them were kind of boring, and I wasn't getting a hit off of any of them. Then we saw this one, and I still wasn't that jazzed, but the Star Elders jumped right in and said, "Oh, that's the one." It represents the evolution of the elements because there are 5 circles outside of this one, and a number of tiny circles and little lines that connect them all. And they say that it represents a swirling type of energy that evolves things up into the next dimension. So, are any of you feeling a swirling energy while you are lying on the ground? ("yes," from the group)

All of energy of the crop circle is swirling into the center here, and it is pulsing right in the center of this main circle. But the little circles on the outside are what are triggering the evolution.

So I am asking the Star Elders how the evolving elements are going to affect us, and I am watching for their answer. . . . Well, you might feel a little pressure in your third eye and at the top of your head. Anybody feeling that? Ok . . . see the big opening up in the sky above us? It is like an eye.

The Star Elders are saying that what is evolving on the Earth is triggered by what the little tiny circles represent, and it goes into all the five elements and then into the center of this generator. Everything that we create comes from Spirit. So they are sending new energy down to Earth now . . . they are starting to deliver . . . Oh, no. Here he goes again. . . Okay, Archangel Michael is saying that they built the house, and now they are starting to fill it in the furniture . . . and it is starting to manifest in this reality.

Even in the Bible, it talks about building our castles in heaven, which was misunderstood. It meant that we first have to build in Heaven (spirit or the etheric) before we can manifest it down here in 3D. Of course, Heaven symbolized Ether, and a new Ether is what they are bringing here now. So there was some truth in those Bible verses about building in Ether (Heaven) before manifesting on Earth. So, basically, we are sitting in the generator energy that has evolved this ether-net that is building our new Smart Home. And they just want us to feel the energy. Just let it in and absorb it.

Michael is reminding me that the reason we all got the giggles is because this energy is very lifting, and it is taking us back to a place we remember. We aren't aware of it yet, but it feels familiar to the part of us that is already linked to that new world. So the giggling and the laughing and the joyfulness are like an echo of what has already evolved in us and . . . we have one foot in the door of the new Smart House, and the laughter is the bridge that gets us in the rest of the way. Does that make sense?

That is the best way that I can describe what the Star Elders are showing me. The giggles are like our souls remembering the shift of an age and how good it feels. In fact, they are saying that we will know when we are in the right place in the right time when we feel this lightness and yet we feel really connected to the Earth, as well. We feel really connected to the Earth, but our hearts are light. That is a hint of how the new world is going to feel. We are going to feel really connected, really bonded to the Earth, yet our hearts are going to feel really light. So the Star Elders want us to remember this.

Oh, they are showing me another way to explain it. When we cuddle a baby, or we cuddle a pet, or our sweetie cuddles us, there is a nurturing element to the cuddle that has to do with the new Earth, the new dimension. It feels like we are being rocked by our mothers - only in a much deeper and more profound way than we have felt it in this present dimension. It has always been that way, but they are saying that we have been disconnected from this sense of being nurtured because we were out of sync with the Earth. Now we are waking up and will actually feel what it is like to really be connected to Mother Earth.

All ancient cultures prayed to and honored Pacha Mama, or Mother Earth, because they knew that the nurturing connection to the Earth was our constant in any dimension. The ancient cultures knew that this universal bonding was coming somehow or they remembered from way, way back when we used to feel connected. So it is going to feel very nurturing no matter where we are on Mother Earth.

There is an empty spot in us that all of us seem to have, and no matter how hard we try, we can't quite fill it up. Or there is a little place inside of us where we know there is power and light, but we can't quite reach it or let it out. We agreed with Creator to have an empty spot inside of us, so we would have a place within us to hold the new Ether and 5 element's energy when it came time for the age to shift. So that little empty spot inside of us is the Chalice - now the Illuminated Chalice.

Now I am beginning to understand why I called this pilgrimage what I did. It is the Illuminated Chalice that is in us, and it has been empty, and that is why we have been grail searchers and chalice searchers. We have been searching, searching, searching, because we have been looking and looking for this energy to fill the empty cup inside of us. And this is the beginning point of filling the Chalice within.

The Star Elders also are saying that we don't need to be in this crop circle to receive the Ether energy. This energy is going to wash across the planet with us through the grid lines, the essence that we are making, through our photographs, our postings on Facebook - it doesn't matter how because all are avenues for spreading this new Ether energy across the planet and for the evolving of the other elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water. All elements will be brought into alignment with the newly evolved Ether. The evolving had to begin with Ether because everything evolves from Ether. With this new Ether energy, we will be able to manifest quicker and bridge dimensions. We will be set free to do all the things we wish in our hearts to do but feel that we can't because we are stuck in a human body.

Also, the Star Elders are saying that there will be fewer laws of nature in the next dimension. Okay . . . the number of the laws of nature needed to manifest a world into place drop, or lessen, at a multiplying rate of speed with each and every shift of an age. So, right now it looks as though the number of the laws of nature necessary to keep us safe and sound will decrease by 50 percent, or by one-half. This will feel like a very sweet freedom.

In other words, if we could time travel right now, we would probably get lost somewhere in the universe. I can't even keep you guys together in a group . . . forget time travel. (laughter). But since the age is shifting and we are evolving, there will be fewer laws of nature - laws that are necessary because the universe is caring and loving and doesn't want us to hurt ourselves. So when we evolve, clear our emotional bodies of garbage and ascend our minds, then we will be able to go to a dimension that has fewer laws. We will be more responsible and earn, or need, fewer restrictions.

With this dimensional shift comes a lot more responsibility, but also a lot more freedom. So all the things that we used to wish we could do, like manifest . . . for example, we get tired of having to get up and cook dinner. Wouldn't it be great if we could just manifest perfectly healthy food? Or not eat at all. Or not have to sleep. We could stay up and create and paint or draw all day and all night without getting tired. We could time travel or go to another star system. I can imagine a whole lot of stuff.

So with the dimension shifts, we are going to feel free-er. Linear time is not going to be an issue. I really don't like gravity either to a certain extent. Gravity and linear time will free up. I am pretty sure that the next world will have spherical time, but we wouldn't even know how to calculate that right now. I think the Mayan calendar is the closest we can get to it.

So there is still a swirling energy around us that looks like Ether, and it is helping us evolve our Ether, our energy and spirit. The Star Elders are not going to evolve, or shift, our energy completely, of course, because we are not ready yet. We all and this planet have to shift, or evolve, together. We are all connected. No one gets to go ahead of time, unlike the way this group acts (laughter). There is always someone way out ahead and someone way behind in our group. That is not the way it is going to happen. Everybody gets to go together. I think that is it. The Star Elders are done.

We want to thank the Element of Air for all the sweet air of a new dimension. We want to thank the Element of Fire for keeping us warm, tanning our skin and making our food grow. We thank you so much. We are so looking forward to the amazing new life we will experience. We thank the Element of Water. We thank you so much for quenching our thirst, raining down on us and giving us rainbows. Thank you so much, but we are looking so forward to the sweet caress of the new wind in the new dimension. We want to thank the Element of Ether who creates everything from Great Creator's first of All That Is. Thank you so much for this dimension that we appreciate so much. We are so looking forward to the next world where we can play, feel free and be responsible and honorable in all ways. We thank you so much. But we are ready now. SO please beam us up NOW. (laughter).
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