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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Ascending Hearts Conclave Three Suns arising greet the arrival of the Ascended Masters Divine Plan!

Beloved Hearts, in this very special Conclave we greet the Seven Sacred Weeks that begin on November 22, and extend into 2013, and we prepare for the Great Intensifying of the Glorious Sun’s Presence on December 22, 2012.
In preparation for this Glorious Conclave, we urge the Precious Students of Life to turn daily and face the Light, the Light of God that never fails, this Light coming from each of your own Beloved I AM Presence expanding the Golden Sun’s Presence within your chest cavity, that pours It’s Mighty Radiance, a Blessing of Light, out into the world. Then face the Light of the Physical Sun, remembering our Godparents Mighty Helios and Vesta of our Sun, opening to receive the Great Outpouring of Their Electronic Patters of Light and from the Ascended Masters Octave. Next, again in preparations for the Ascending Hearts Conclave 2012, each day for a few moments, face the Light of the Great Central Sun to receive a Great Outpouring of Light from the Infinite I AM Presence Mother Father God of our Universe.
Throughout 2012, the Light pouring into our world will increase daily with the most intense outpouring beginning on December 22, 2012 in preparations for the Seventh Golden Age and the Ascended Masters Divine Plan for Humanity and the Earth that officially begins to unfold on this date, for 2013 and beyond.
Beloved Akasha and Asun’s Special Ascended Master Guests include:
Sanat Kumara, the Goddess of Purity, the Elohim Purity, Mother Mary, Elohim Hercules, Goddess Himalaya also known as The Evening Rose, Saint Germain, Mighty Victory, Goddess of Justice, Lord Maitreya, and the Ascended Master Youth Nada and Rex.