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Monday, October 22, 2012

Spirit Science 20 ~ Water

~ NOTE FROM PATCHMAN - In this video I state that Science doesn't have answers to some questions which science DOES have answers to. I invite you not to get upset with these statements, but just allow them, there is a much deeper understanding that I am discussing here, and if you get upset at one particular sentence or two, you may miss the rest of the message. Thank you, and enjoy this short film about water ^_^

Water. What is it? We all interact with water, we're all made of water, and yet in science today we don't even really understand what it is. There are many questions about water and what it is that we really don't have conclusive answers too. Yes ~ Science has answers for many of these questions, and the thing is is that it opens up even more questions. Why do things happen in the way that they do? Why is it like that? What does it mean for the bigger picture. For the message of this video is not to say that Science is having a hard time understanding something, but rather that there is an even larger understanding of Water and its importance for life that we can look at and be open to discussing. And even as a theory, these ideas make way for a grand understanding of what Life truly is. It is actually a wonderful thing, because admitting we know little about something gives us an opportunity to find something out. When we REALLY look at water (As we do in this video), we can see there is SO much more to Water than meets the eye, and the understanding of what it is can open up to something far grander than what we originally perceived it to be. Water is Life, and it is You. The movie that this information + videos were from was called Water - The Great Mystery. You can find links to this documentary in the credits of this video itself. Watch the credits!!