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Friday, October 12, 2012

Sacred Geometry

With the knowledge of these codes, these five shapes, you can go deeper into the exact meaning of life at its smallest level of creation. Your own magical creation is an expression of this Sacred Geometry in it’s and purist and universal form, present in everything you see around you, especially that which is hidden from view. Created and continuously monitored by an organizing and evolving plan which manifests itself by being influenced by the Golden Mean Ratio. This is in you and me and everything within creation.
Galaxies, stars, black holes, suns, planets, us and the rest of creation is fundamentally linked together through geometry in the atomic and sub-atomic levels of genesis. To understand this, is to start to understand your own journey of truth, experience and understanding, manifesting as your own power and freedom.

Star Tetrahedron (The Merkaba) – Fire element
The energy fields surrounding every human being are in the geometric form known as the "Star Tetrahedron". In Sacred Geometry, a Star Tetrahedron consists of two separate Tetrahedrons: the Solar ("male"), pointing forward, and the opposing Earth ("female") Tetrahedron. The Star Tetrahedron is the spiritual energy field configuration of the 3rd dimension, which is considered the dimension of "double duality”.
This shape is marvellous in its simplicity. The tetrahedron is the most basic shape to be found in the three dimensional universe of volume. The Merkaba Star Tetrahedron is actually two tetrahedrons interlocked to form a three-dimensional Star of David. The configuration of the Star Tetrahedron is formed within the first eight cells of life and remains fixed at the base of the spine throughout one’s life. The Star Tetrahedron also models the energetic body of the human being, the blending of Heaven and Earth, Male and Female and was known in esoteric knowledge of Ancient Egypt as the ‘Merkaba’ (Mer = Light, Ka = Spirit, Ba = Body).

• A powerful tool for shifting patterns in the DNA.
• Shifts psychological patterns and the beliefs on which they are based.
• Supports transition mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
• Assists reduction of stress by helping us to remember Alone is All One.
• Assist the physical body to connect to the etheric body.
• Helps to settle and calm one’s fear of death.
• Helps in the transition for terminally ill.

The Tetrahedron classically represents Fire, and each face is also the alchemical triangle of fire. The Golden Dawn called it the Pyramid of Fire, and used it as the admission badge for the path of Shin. The three upper triangles represent Solar Fire, Volcanic Fire and Astral Fire, while the bottom triangle, often hidden from view is the latent heat. The upper triangles are also linked to the three fire-signs Aries, Sagittarius and Leo.

Hexahedron (Cube) – Earth element
The Cube (hexahedron) naturally corresponds to Earth element. It is stable, the basis of western architecture and salt crystallises into cubes. It has six faces, making some groups attribute it to Tiphareth. The six faces naturally fit the sephira, and can of course be linked to the planets except for the sun, which is placed in the centre. Another natural link is the folded out cube, which forms a cross.
The eight corners of the cube neatly correspond to three complementary dualities. When two dualities interact, the four elements are created. Now the four elements are dualized again, and we get eight corners representing the relative absence and abundance the each element. This is naturally dual to the faces of the octahedron. In the same way the six faces correspond to the six vertices of the octahedron (i.e. meetings between two quadruplicities). It is however not possible to arrange the three quadruplicities along the edges to enclose whole faces without overlaps. Does this signify the imperfections and limitations of the material world?
Suggested Divinatory Meaning: a solid foundation and stability suggesting a need for patience and consistency, allowing things to develop within their own perfect time.

Octahedron – Air element
The symbol helps you communicate with all parts and all worlds. The Octahedron corresponds classically to Air. It has 8 faces, 6 vertices and 12 edges. The edges naturally correspond to the zodiac. They can be arranged in such a manner that the four triplicities border a triangular face each without overlap. These faces cover half the surface, leaving 4 incomplete faces with signs from three elements along each edge (this may signify an absence of the left-out element. The octahedron thus consists of both the abundance of each element and its absence). At each corner two elements meet (creating the same planetary correspondences as in the tetrahedron, with the sun at the centre as usual). In this arrangement, each square "equator" corresponds to one quadruplicity.

• This 8-pointed star is built on an inner Octahedron. The star points are raised at the Phi ratio to create this dimension splitting energy.
• Great to assist in all types of communication, inner and outer.
• This energy can assist to assimilate new ideas and to enhance alignment of all subtle bodies because integration is created by multi-dimensional communication and realization how each is part of the whole.
• This is a great energy to solve separation issues and integrate differences.

Icosahedron – Water element
• This star represents the water element.
• Facilitates inspiration, learning, and flow of consciousness expression.
• Assists in connecting brain synapses and creating new neuron pathways.
• It focuses a wide spectrum of energies rarely available from other methods or forms.
• Stimulates mental clarity and revitalizes memory loss.
• It immediately creates a joyful expansive feeling that connects one to their soul.
• Its beauty seems to revitalize the body, heart, mind, and spirit.
• Great for studying and learning new languages.
• This form opens the mind with its spectacular presence for mutual soul/body communication.

Dodecahedron – Ethereal element
Experience the Divine Power of Creation. This exquisite stellation is formed around a dodecahedron. Each of the 12 pentagonal faces of the dodecahedron is extended into a Phi Ratio Star Point, which creates 12 interlocking 5-sided pyramids within this 12-pointed star.
The Dodecahedron Ether Star has become a popular tool for graduates of other Chi*Ometry forms. It can stimulate the Heart Chakra and helps to move the energy into new levels of conscious awareness as the twelve stellated points activate the human body’s subtle systems. It offers a peaceful experience as the polarities of feminine and masculine energies are integrated as though an invisible hand sustains the stability and harmony of differences.

• A heartful experience for expansion of the heart into the Universal Field.
• Stimulates the heart center to renew one’s passionate appreciation for life.
• Moving meditation can help ground the high capacity of energy stimulated by this form.
• Great for exercise, movement and dance.
• Stimulates the pineal gland and facilitates deep meditation.
• Brings atonement to enhance feelings of compassion.