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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Resolving Negativity: The Nuances of Mass & Individual Relations

Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet you in an vector of Love, Unconditional Love !
And so it is a powerful time, and there is much movement on the planet in this month of the September Equinox within 2012. We tell you the energy of this Equinox has brought specific astrological conditions that allow for a deep review of whom you are, and where you are going. The profound aperture provided by the planetary and stellar conjunctions paired within the period of the Equinox began 5 days before the actual Equinox and will extend for 5 days, through September 27th.
The energy of this Equinox  is a time for each person to individually review relationships, purpose and their  'mental'  contents. This is to be considered on an individual level, and also applied to the mass consciousness, the group events occurring on your planet. It has been an amazing month, has it not?
The Tie That Binds
Many of you may not be fully aware of the expansive reach of your relationships in mass. Each of you has ties to group events and group energies that play key roles in your choices of reincarnation.
You have such powerful ties to groupings that entire Nations and Epochs reincarnate together.
This is quite logical. For it is the relationships you have with others that present both  your greatest challenges and springboards of growth. Therefore there is a natural magnetism to the people you have spent time with in other lifetimes, in other eras.  This 'connective interactive force' allows you work out differences, resolve problems and to continue the unified progress in achieving the harmonic goals each of you are born to accomplish both individually and in mass.
Six Degrees of Separation
It has been said that there are only six degrees separation between every soul incarnate on the planet at any given time. In other words, each of you knows someone, that knows another and so on, such that taken to six threads of networking encompasses connections to everyone on the planet. The point being, you are all connected far more intricately than you may realize.
All living humans are unified, even in the group-creation of your Earthly experience.
Dear Ones, each human, each and every one of you on the planet, co-creates the mass experience of the Earth. Every thought you have absolutely influences the manifest physical reality of civilization as it exists in your particular time frame. Your individual thoughts combine and blend with the projected thoughts and beliefs of all others on the planet to form a massive group thought form that manifests into the reality you experience. So all of you have a stake in world event manifestation!
Opposition & Attraction
Warring groups in fact reincarnate in mass in order to try again to resolve their differences. The emotional energy involved in such massive conflicts is enormous, and is repeated until resolution and harmony is found. We will tell you that your current conflicts in the Middle East are a re-occurrence of the Crusades, and your World War II a continuance of the Atlantean conflict between the Aryan and Poseidon groups.
In duality opposites occur, and you will end war only when you realize the destruction of hatred. You will end war only when you focus on peace and consciously choose it. You will not end war by hating war, rather by loving peace, loving harmony. In time you will choose peace. And in the now, you can be a proactive part of achieving it. This does not mean surrendering highest principles, but rather to focus on peaceful means.
Group Dynamics
In the realm of duality, group event dynamics are chosen for lesson by each soul group. But this does not occur  in the traditional sense of what you terms 'karma'.
Rather it is ' balancing'  which is the driving force of 'karma'. Karma is, not  repayment of a 'debt'. This is so very important to understand. Accordingly this requisite balance can be obtained by achieving a deep mental understanding of what error has taken place. The 'karmic' balance can take place simply by learning, and therefore does not necessarily require an experiential lesson physically manifested into 3d.
We say again, that each of you contribute in some way to what happens on the planet. You provide the 'thought energy' from vast mental projections through which all physical events are formed. Your energy creates the realities of the earth.
But group creation does not exempt you from individual responsibility.
For although you are a co-contributor as part of humanity to world events, and are absolutely  drawn into the mass reality created, you remain spiritually responsible on the individual basis.
Master,  never forget that your individual thoughts, feelings, and expectations are the living brush strokes with which you paint your portion of life's landscape. So we tell you that when  you do your best in your own life, then you are indeed helping to improve the quality of all life. Your thoughts are as real as any physical object you can see and touch....and they do make a difference. Ascension, enlightenment occurs one heart at a time, even if the mass creation of  physical reality seems to be caught in lower frequency.
And we fully understand that acting in individual sovereignty is a responsible action that requires both courage and strength.
Strength as an Aspect of Love
Remember, developing strength is part of creatorship. As we have told you: When the love of power is replaced by the power of love, mankind will make a quantum leap. But understand love without strength is incomplete. Consider this complexity carefully. It is perhaps a seeming paradox, but in its wise and careful contemplation is offered a great Truth.
Negativity: Energy of Destruction versus Energy of Creation
Love is the ultimate creative force, hate/fear are the ultimate destructive degenerative forces. In terms of the Auric field, hate and fear are the primary disruptive forces that create Auric imbalance.
Dear Ones, it is absolutely true that there is no human who hates but that hatred is reflected outward and made physical, and there is no human who loves but that love is reflected outward and made physical.
You are conscious creatures, and what you focus on is energetically attracted to you. Therefore it is essential as you advance in wisdom to become the monitors & responsible guardians of your thoughts. You must be constantly aware of the contents of your conscious mind. The self awareness of recognizing the nature of your 'mental contents' is an essential aspect of becoming a fully conscious Spiritual Being.
And indeed, the full content of your mental thoughts and beliefs are quite accessible to everyone. It is all available. Your beliefs are not buried unless you believe that they are. The thoughts and feelings and emotions that guide you day to day are not locked away in a remote recess of your mind. Indeed they are readily reviewable if you are willing simply to look. It is all available and it is there for you to see and consider. Consideration should lead to recalibration, by reviewing what is constructive in your life,  and what is destructive. Dear Ones take time to carefully contemplate your thoughts, beliefs and actions.
It is not a difficult process. Negative beliefs are really not hidden from you or so remotely locked away in the sub-conscious that they cannot be discovered. Your obstructions are not so deeply buried in your childhood or in any other lifetime that you cannot find them. You are not bound into compromising scenarios by past experiences that seem to tie you into untoward behavior.
Relationships as a Mirror & Catalyst
 The intricacies and variations of your interactions and bonds with others  are very complex. Relationships will come and go in your sojourns. Often the drama of a relationship ending is the springboard of a vast renewal although it may not feel so at the time of the emotional hurt and seeming trauma. Yet this is in truth a scope and lens into the self.
In a true sense hate is the other side of love, the opposite end of the same spectrum in terms of the emotional aspect.
There are so many lessons that are afforded when duality relationships end. In relationships that are ended by one and pursued by the other, there is often a sense of betrayal that results in an emotionally charged chasing of rejection that initially occurs. This then may convert to anger of seeming rejection and can spiral downward into attack and hatred.
In time you will learn that all negative energy emitted comes back to the source of the projection. It is not a case of who was right and who was wrong, rather of what energy was projected. As long as you carry hurt, anger and hatred, these energies will shatter your auric field, taint your world and poison your emotional stability. As long as you focus or dwell on hurt, anger and hate, you will absolutely draw to you more of the same. Period, no exceptions... It is simply the Law of Attraction.
Yet some of you become immersed in such destructive negativity for years and even lifetimes, before you learn that it is the energy of destructive emotion (hate, fear, anger & hurt) , that is the culprit.
The hurt that is often felt when relationships end, will in fact, in the higher aspect lead you to the Truth of your own sovereignty.
Relationship Purpose
Relationships are a method of reflecting the affectivity of your belief system, and giving you feedback on what, simply stated, is working, and what is not. The completion of a relationship equally offers growth. Even if it ends harshly, as many do, there is a flurry of emotion that can lead to understanding through the very detachment that one of the partners perhaps did not consciously desire.
Detachment requires the individual to explore the self, to reacquaint with the inner horizon, and this facilitates and necessitates sovereignty. Sovereignty is the prepotency of Mastership.
A relationship of two sovereign non-dependent humans has greater balance, greater creativity, and greater longevity than a pairing of two beings co-dependent on one another. Do you understand?
One way relationships, pairings on any level, in which one seeks the pairing more than the other, or one seeks to control the other, can never last. It is no error that great numbers of you on the finals steps of the path of enlightenment are alone in this period. Now is the prelude to the coming Ascension. If you are among these, we tell you that perhaps your solitude is appropriate. Perhaps it is as it should be. You see it is how many of you planned it.
Sovereignty as a Path to Mastery
Ultimately each soul must clearly define SELF in order to gain Mastery. Self Mastery is embodied in periods of planned detachment. It is that period in which impeccability is crystallized. And we tell you Dear Ones, crystallization; through impeccability is a necessary phase of Self- Mastery. It is a calibration juncture in the multidimensional sojourn. One enters the void, the great mystery in the quest for fortitude and sovereign vision, alone, without a shoulder to lean on. And in the process, one discovers sublime wholeness and self completion.
Do not misunderstand our meaning; there is great validity in coupling, in the natural aspect of soul mate. But conclusively one walks the path of Mastery in sovereign detachment.
One becomes enlightened when one learns to transcend the physical self. Each of you must endeavor to the final conquest of what we term as 'impeccability'. This involves release of dependency, the release of all that does not serve your divinity. It is a rebooting and reprogramming of all you are.
Relationship Set Ups & Opposition
There are certain specific set ups that may be chosen in duality, in which souls are in apparent opposition for a greater purpose. It may occur for example, that advanced souls are in a state of  'purposed competition' in order to drive or motivate one another toward goal achievement. Certain of your well known scientist have incarnated in pairs in which the opposing edge between them drove one another to greater effort, and allowed for the goals to be achieved through this method.
 There are also cases in which political leaders have taken  opposing/conflicting positions in order  to drive a common goal. An example of this is Dr Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, who advocated polar opposite means & vastly contrasting ethical positions to promote and achieve  the civil rights of minorities. One advocated non-violence, the other violent aggressive actions. Yet the two had a common goal. In truth the one who advocated aggressive actions, actually brought the masses to the methodology of the one who taught non-violence by displaying the two choices.
Rose Colored Glasses
There are cases in which Spiritual leaders are in opposition. Particularly when one may delve into ego and power seeking or erroneous dogma. Such opposition in higher aspect creates reconsideration on both sides. There are many who profess spiritual leadership merely to gain followings.
Free will and discernment must be with the individual. You need no guru other than self. The idea that Spiritual seekers must wear rose colored glasses is not necessarily the best path in certain situations. No one is served when injustice is tolerated.
Some religious texts include fear-based distortions and false actions that can lead to great conflict & destruction. The texts themselves teach people that total 'blind' acceptance of even flawed doctrine and dogma is required as a tenet of faith. Many of your religious texts includes fear based condemnations. The' my way or be damned' approach of some  major religions is old energy that can lead to violent zealotry and fanaticism... this will not stand in the Ascension.
Understanding these nuances is one of your greatest challenges. Learning how to deal with violence has been an unresolved issue in the Group Consciousness of many civilizations, and is yet unresolved in your era.
Discernment & Individual Free Will
Dear Ones, you are not and should not be bound by false beliefs. You are now, and always free conscious beings. Each of you must decide what is true, what is highest good. And responsible discernment is requisite.
Masters, each of you were born with a powerful awareness, recognition of your own Divinity and wholesome goodness. Each of you that you have an innate inner recognition of your integrity and knowledge of your true and righteous place in the Cosmos. This cannot be taken from you, unless you allow it to be. You  were born with a desire to fulfill your purpose in each lifetime, to achieve your goals and maximize your talents and abilities. These are tenets and principles of what may be termed 'Inherent Law'. You are all  born compassionate and loving. Love is absolutely your true nature as a Spiritual Being. You are here to unravel the mysteries of life, to find purpose and meaning, to encompass that termed 'Love'.
Inherent Law
These are attributes of your integral sovereignty and equally belong to 'Inherent Law'.
Every soul that chooses physical life enters the Earthplane with an absolute knowing that every human possesses a beautifully unique, intimate sense of being that is succinctly itself. And that it is appropriate to discover fulfillment on both an individual basis (first) and in so doing contribute by example to the fulfillment of the group. You are born seeking the actualization of the ideal of love, in its great and wonderful complexities.
We encourage each of you to add value to the quality of your life, to add your own talents, experiences and abilities to enrich life in a path and method that only you can individually contribute to the Cosmos. In so doing you will attain a state of being that is uniquely yours, while adding immensely to the value and fulfillment of the world itself.
We understand  the difficulties you face in achieving your goals, in Mastering the University of Earth. But do know there is indeed great purpose in all that you do here. Never forget it is a purposed dream that you are dreaming. The lessons received in Mastering 'University Earth Duality' will serve you for existence in a variety of other realms, of myriad interrelated systems of reality. And reality is the key phrase, for it is a dream, but a  very real one.
And we know it is not easy; but nothing of value is easily achieved on the path of learning. So you must realize that  if the pains, hardships and agonies within your 'University of Earth' were not truly experienced as real, the lesson would not be learned, the growth could not occur. And we tell you the joys and sublime passions experienced here are also very real.
Purposed Illusions
Masters in your 'hidden' realities, in the vast validity of your multidimensional selves, humanity in plurality,  dreams the same dream at once, and you create in unison all you see around you.
The 'purposed illusion' is a meaningful drama. It is from higher aspect an educational creation, a movie set if you will, in which you are producing, directing and acting on different levels of consciousness. You in higher self are the producer and director, In 3d  physicality you are the actor, taking silent intuitive direction from the higher self. You are acting so completely on the 'set' of linear time and space that you do not know it is a drama.
But understand, Dear Ones, that the drama and the intricate process of its enactment truly have great and profound meaning. The actions within each scene, each lifetime, are vitally significant. The whole self is the observer and the physical incarnation is the totally focused actor in the roles. Each role has a meaning and offers a lesson. The lesson is that of creatorship, of creating joy and harmony and gaining true wisdom in the process.
In this way, through your sojourns you will learn how to be joyful conscious beings. And when this major step is achieved ( and each of you will in time get there) you will not be afraid of the inner self, and you will freely experience life on the Omni Earth in all its frequencies with a knowingness of your secure and brilliant nature.  You will know through experience that positive desire for creativity and love over destruction and hatred is a quantum leap. When this is learned, the cycle is near completion and New Worlds await you in Mastery.
In your sojourns you are learning that  positive energy, love, is exponentially more potent than that of hate and negativity. We tell you that 10% of humanity brought about the Ascension of your planet. Consider the effects of choosing love! Consider what the world will be when all of you are projecting Love. It will occur, and there will be no degrees of separation!
I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved....and we honor you, each of you.
And so it is...