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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quantum Leap to 5th Dimension Frequency

The Queen of Light, The Pleiadians and the Divine Feminine will be sharing and writing so much more on this for You. The Words carry vibrational Frequencies that allow your Cellular Consciousness to resonate in Harmony and Union.
In 3D and for many good reasons the Brain and Mind Became the Primary Way for Humans to Function. Survival, work and the programming kept  things at the Lower levels of awareness and Being. Mainly for the Purpose of work. The many working for the One. No Freedom.
Higher States of Love and awareness were accessed by Those more free to live Creatively, close to Nature with Freedom.
The Shift from Brain Centered to Heart Centered is Simply a Shift in Frequency.
We Now  Know the Electromagnetic Field of the Heart is not only more powerful than that of the brain, and literally can hold more Memory, we also Know the Shift to the 5th Dimension in Frequency involves the Shift to functioning at Heart level. Moving from Brain Centered to Heart Centered.
Humanity living in their Heart Space Allows the Frequencies of Love and Union of the 5th Dimension to be Here Now. No Time, No Distance, Unconditional Love.
So we all know this. For some it is easier said than done. Why is that? The Lifetimes of existences are carried in your Blueprint. Your Patterns and your memories. You wish to Be Heart Centered yet your emotional Body; feelings of sadness and despair move you into mental worry. These are Simply Frequency Patterns.
Your Cellular Consciousness and DNA can begin Now to Function and Receive the Higher Heart Frequencies of Love and Union. 5th Dimension Frequencies.
You Shift your Focus, you Receive the Higher Frequencies, your existence Changes. Your Cells Change with Ease. You Live in the Heart Now with Ease and Grace.
Yes all things Are Possible and there are No Limitations Now. This is 2012.
The Frequencies in the Central Sun from the Queen of Light are Now offered to all. 3am AST  the Frequencies are released to all who Agree to receive. On October 7th, the entire Earths Grid will be filled with 5th Dimension Divine Feminine Frequencies.
Ease and Grace. Heart Centered Love and Union.
You Begin your Quantum Leap to Freedom as you allow the 5th Dimensional Frequencies simply to resonate with your cellular Consciousness.
Begin to listen to my meditations Daily. The Frequencies are transmitted beyond time and space, they are Not 3D. Your Cells and DNA will move into Harmony and old Patterns and ways of functioning simply are released.
Sign up to Receive 5th dimensional Frequencies Daily by the Queen of Light. 3am AST. The entire Earth is surrounded by the Queen of Light and the Frequencies are downloaded to all those that have agreed to receive.
This is Grace for Humanity. Love from the Eternal Cosmic Divine Feminine as Union Frequencies to You Now.
Move your awareness to your Heart. Breathe and focus on your Heart. Do this as often as possible throughout your Day. I Love all of You. We are Eternal. My Love for you is Eternal.

To download my meditations go to my website the homepage and simply hover over the frequency meditation and right-click to “save as” to download to your devices.