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Sunday, October 28, 2012

October 28, 2012 – Awkward Funny Transitions, Healing Masculine Force

SUN TRINE CHIRON late last night activated a “please heal me” part of self and we are able to attend to this part with our wisdom. This is a Healing Halloween Season. SUN INCONJUNCT URANUS pre-dawn brought potentially awkward and funny moments. From Scorpio to Aries we could have “drunk guests left over from the Halloween Party, sleeping on our couch.”  We may also have our own “uranian guests,” from within calling us to heal and break free, merge and weave glee on our life tree, in spite of weird things occuring at the same time, we still can weave beauty and humor.
MARS OPPOSITE JUPITER first thing this morning activates us with a BIG ENERGY. Our male is being expanded, healed, touched and revealed. We can drum, walk, hike, or play basketball with this fun masculine force. We may also feel our “inner SPiritual Warrior,” and the writing and editing work we’re doing that is stretched across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. We have some big energy, big men, or big work in our lives. May we enjoy the work, the fun and the play today!  There is enough energy for all of it!
VENUS into Libra at dawn gives us some light-hearted airy feminine energy to balance the deeper Scorpio darkness and power. We can enjoy her balanced harmonious sense, for about a month.
VENUS INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE at 2:11 pm offers a moment to work with our love. Whatever irritation, or weird thing may arise, we can love our way through it. Self-love with compassion for others are the two keys to VENUS NEPTUNE situations of all kinds.
MOON is in Fire Aries all day, (realm of Uranus who is genius when focused), until entering Earthly Taurus late tonight at 11:15 pm, pdt.  This grounding nourishing space is a place to take good care of our bodies and physical existence. Taurus will ground this area for us.
MERCURY into Sagittarius from Scorpio at 11:18, reveals a lightening up of spirits, as our mind has been “deep in Scorpio realms,” for a month. MERCURY will go back into Scorpio, while retrograding, November 15th through December 12th. So the “Deep, Dark, Shadow-Clearing Mind” will return, however we have the soaring wise, good-luck-filled MERCURY in Sagittarius for about two weeks, before diving back into the depths of Scorpio again.  SUN is currently traversing Scorpio, so it is lighting up this place of shadow, power and focus–clearing and gifting.
May we embody Scorpio’s force of renewal, meanwhile completing our soul’s projects, whatever they are. We have the power to complete our soul’s callings. We can make amends, clear karma and express gifts. We are here to do all of this. May we do it in style–our own!