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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2, 2012 – Mother Earth Maturing Within by Azlan White

MOON TRINE PLUTO early this morning at 6:22 am, is amplifying the power of the Mother within us.
VENUS SEXTILES SATURN this evening for an archetypal supportive dance of maturing. VENUS at the end of Leo contacts SATURN at the end of Libra, for a sacred geometric infusion of maturing love within. Both VENUS and SATURN will soon exit fire and air, entering earth and water. Our inspirations in love and creativity are going deeper. We are called to mature our love, our children and ourselves in ways that bring us closer to feeling whole and complete, with intact spiritual bodies, and intact soul connections.
VENUS shifts into healer Virgo, from creator Leo, late tonight at 11:59 pm, pdt. Venus in Virgo says: “Its fun to prepare for the winter!” Its good to do final seasonal cleanses.  This is the Harvest Season–time to make food and medicine preparations for the winter journey ahead.
May we understand our responsability to mother ourselves and the world. May we feel the joy of this responsibility and revel in the juicy powerful maturing mother-force within.