Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 17, 2012 – Personal Magic to Collective Magic by Azlan White

MERCURY SEXTILE PLUTO in the middle of the night activated our awakening cauldron in a way that we can see with it, and be with it in a good way. Its not hitting us over the head this time, but more “cordially inviting us,” to move in the direction of soul, love, unity with the whole world and jumping into the “great leap,” as Tara of Dakini Dance is saying.
MOON in Leo SEXTILE JUPITER in Gemini at 11:36 am, launches us into inspired flight of dreams, ideas, right livelihood, and humor! Our awakening cauldron can be fun!  This SEXTILE (60 degree aspect) invokes magic, miracles and the power of our words to create.
SUN SEXTILE MOON at 2:40 pm, pdt blesses us with masculine/feminine harmony. We can make beautiful music together or create the experience of choice. Moon enters the VOID at this time–sending us into slippery archetypal magic time (of a larger collective kind) for the rest of the day.
SATURN TRINE NEPTUNE at 7:38 pm, pdt, is an outer planet hook-up of grand proportions!  The solid rock of Saturn’s definition touches the “flow,” of life when it touches NEPTUNE, in a supportive way. We can touch the collective consciousness and feel the shifting on a grand level, and even participate in it. How do we wish our collective consciousness to shift?  We can put in our psychic two cents this evening, affecting the “consciousness web” with our personal influence. The web will receive our instructions with precision on a day like today–so please dream clearly and well–toward love, harmony and fun!  We truly are one human family. Lets see the collective recognizing this soulful truth. What if we awakened to this family feeling–what kind of outrageous and fun generosity might begin to occur?–elevating everyone.
MOON is VOID, until tomorrow afternoon, when MOON enters Virgo at 12:23 pm, pdt.
May we re-member our innocent loving heart, our wild and colorful dreams, our fantastic spiritual connection, and our personal access to create the world we envision!