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Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012 – HAPPY NEW MOON! Inner Revolution ~ Inner strength by Azlan White

MARS TRINE URANUS at 3:33 am, pdt activates us in the middle of the night with fire. There is passion, will, and force easily available to us today–what will we use this power to do?  We can build, weave and free ourselves and the world from unnecessary burdens.
NEW MOON at the end of Libra is at 5:02 am, pdt. This NEW MOON ushers in more changes! We’re in the vessel of partnership, with this NEW MOON, initiating a whole new field of relationship for the year. We can purify our relationship field at this time, by doing a “relationship cleanse,” or a “fast,” from relating so that we are returning to the “source,” our own inner temple.  MOON goes into the VOID between Libra and Scorpio for the rest of the day, until evening.  This is the crossover where relationships go deeper and become woven into our lives with sex, money, or deep soul bonds. This vessel where we hold our relationships is in a phase of rebirth and renewal for everyone.
MOON enters Scorpio, grounding from the VOID at 5:06 pm, pdt. MOON TRINE NEPTUNE, deep dark water to fantasy play water, we can manifest anything in this magical trine energy. We are all powerful in our world this evening. It is a NEW MOON and this fresh cauldron of creation is in a supportive aspect with the archetypal master of collective consciousness and the “flow” of energy (NEPTUNE). We can do anything we choose!
MOON SEXTILE SATURN at 9:33 pm, offers even more magical grounding for manifestation. With SATURN and NEPTUNE in supportive aspect to the personal refreshed MOON, we’re enjoying a birthing cycle of creation, with worldly support for our dreams and visions.
May we re-member the authentic heart-based sound-track of a life we’re here to live and begin to dance to that new music–even if it may dance us right out of this old life–we can allow the rythm to come in. Even if we don’t begin to take steps to dance to this new rythm yet, we can begin to listen for it and hear it in our bones, muscles and blood. We can receive a new pulse of life and let it dance us into glory today forward.