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Friday, October 12, 2012

Multidimensional Time Travel

Multidimensional Time Travel; in The Here and Now. Entering No time.
I remember way back, stepping into the so-called past, coming back and observing  how the present had changed as a result of changing the “past”.
This is easily done at the correct frequency. The Frequency is Union. It is Cosmic, it is Union.
Taking the Quantum Leap to the Present and to the 5th Dimension we see there is No time; at least NOT how you have imagined it.
Arriving on Earth literally from a different time space continuum; it has puzzled me to see people experience themselves as Separated.
Linear is separated in consciousness from the consciousness of Union. The Awareness of It.
What if you could enter what you would call a Time Machine. You walk through a Doorway and suddenly you Enter all Time.
All Pasts, all Futures and all Potentials Simultaneously.
This is How I exist. This is How you will exist when you Shift to the 5th Dimension.
You do not take a plane ride to the 5th dimension. You Exist Now in it, your consciousness merges with this awareness now, and everything changes around you. It is simple.
What are YOU waiting for.
What if all those things you are waiting for actually have already occurred. The concept of time and the Future “appears” separate. Time is a linear concept.
You are soon “Stepping Out of Time”. This is the Union of the 5th Dimension.
It is called Multidimensional Being. This is how the Pleiadians exist and many other Advanced Beings in the Universe. This is what the Human Species are shifting to in Frequency. Your Consciousness merging and hooked up to All That is, Now. Full Access Cosmic Code Union..
Everything is fluid. There is No Past, or Potential Future that is not Shifting constantly with your Frequency.
There are many Potentials for your  Future Experience. The One you experience is the One you are Focused on. This does not mean the others do not exist.
All is Consciousness. All is Union, whether or Not your experience reveals this to you.
Existing Millions of Light Years away My experience is that Earth has already shifted and all is Well. There is no distance in my Frequency all is Here Now.
If you do not see what I see, Your Experience tells you otherwise.
You only Experience Knowing through Experience.
If You are Desiring the Quantum Leap to 5th Dimensional Awareness, recognize this is a Process you are experiencing along with the rest of the Human Species. You can experience this with Ease and Grace. Or this may seem challenging and as if You are Waiting for things to first appear.
Do Not Wait. Exist Now in the Awareness that you Are Shifting into Union. Love yourself through the Process. Release all Fear.
As your Cellular Consciousness Shifts you are releasing Fear. Stay Present and Allow it to simply leave.
Welcome Fear if you can as the Doorway to Freedom that it is.
For Now, Stay In Harmony. I can tell you till I am Blue in The Face about the Experience of Union, but UNTIL you experience it you will not KNOW it and Be it. You are Shifting to Knowing and Being Union.
Wherever these words find you, Know you are Loved, feel this Love for You Now.  It is Eternal.
Take care of Your body, your mind and emotions, please live in Harmony. Live in Your Heart.
If you are desiring to shift and Move into greater Harmony and Union 5th Dimension you may want to listen to my Frequency meditations Daily. They have helped many move into Harmony. You may also want to Join my Group, this is set up for People who would like to Receive Daily Transmission from the Divine Feminine, The Queen of Light. I will include the links below.
You Are Entering No Time, The 5th Dimension Frequency.
I love you All. You are Held in Eternal Union and Oneness. All is Now and Available Now. Sending you Love for Your Journey this day, this moment wherever you are on Your Journey to Freedom and Oneness.
Love, Bliss and Ecstasy in Eternal Union,
Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light