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Friday, October 5, 2012

Mona Lisa -- Da Vinci's Use of Sacred Geometry

Art Education: Learn how to analyze Da Vinci's famous painting. Evidence that Da Vinci used Sacred Geometry (specifically, the ancient geometry used in the planning and construction of religious structures as well as for sacred spaces) to lay out his painting BEFORE he started to paint in order to align his model while using a camera obscura or camera lucida as suggested by David Hockney. In addition, author, artist, architect...polymath Leon Alberti described methods for achieving accuracy in drawing complex shapes by using a wire grid window and other methods in his book Della Pittura in 1435. Also, Da Vinci did the geometric drawings for De divina proportione (by mathematician Luca Paccioli) that provides a geometric analysis of the human face (see Wikipedia article). It is interesting to note that the pentagon is associated with the number phi, so is the positioning in the painting Mona Lisa. This number phi is also known as the perfect or golden ratio aka. 1.61803399. The golden ratio is the believed to be beautiful as it is seen many places in nature along with the Fibonacci numbers (contributed by kontaktseistrup). This animated geometric analysis of the Mona Lisa based upon a modification of the original analysis done by Robert diCurcio. As a primer for those witha serious interest, I recommend "Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice" by Robert Lawlor, ISBN-10: 0500810303. Also see PowerPoint presentation was made using INSERT Circle and line and ANIMATIONS Fade and Wipe commands. Zoom to 200% and hold down the Alt key to "fine tune" the placements. Music is "Her Touch" available through For thorough review of Sacred Geometry in art visit the CGImaging channel on YouTube. He has some great tutorials.