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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Golden Oracle Master - Lord Maitreya" channelled in Johannesburg on 25 October 2012 by michelle manders

"You are being encouraged to believe in your light and your wisdom, for these are the tools of transformation which encourage all to step into the world of the unknown self and retrieve that which is meant to reform the world as a whole, as well as reforming the structures of the Matrix of Illumination which dilute the false power of the Matrix of Illusion. You are making a difference that truly matters. This is why you have been called forth to step into your positive power and surrender to the light within so that that which is revealed to you can secure its light and power within all levels of your consciousness. Thus, that which you embrace as different becomes the matter which truly makes a difference within your personal life and within the world as a whole. 

We, the Golden Oracle Masters, gather i

n all our numbers, surrounding planet Earth and extending to the Lightworkers of the Aquarian Age, our inherent wisdom and the power of unconditional love we embody so as to facilitate this time of higher learning with your guides. Precious Lightworkers, the Catalysts of Change are fully active and now your turn has come to shift the perspectives of the past and align it with a new dimension of embracing and living life. The fullness of your potential can only release its power and reveal its opportunities of expanded growth to you when you relax into the knowing that where you are at now on your path is the most important point of perfection you have ever met in this lifetime.

Perfecting being a human means allowing yourself to be human, yet embracing the full extent of your ability to respond to that which now shows itself to you, so that you can rise above the fears and challenges of your past, and set in place the true template of that which was created at the beginning of time, and to return to Earth the Sacred Codes of Truth, which enable light and wisdom to flow within and through the etheric template of the collective.

Universal consciousness is a power few understand, but the only way that you can come to know the full extent of the power of universal consciousness is by allowing it to merge with your conscious self. You are already actively doing this; however, now you are being alerted to the fact that the opportunity to take this to an even higher octave of integration and understanding stands before you." Excerpt - Lord Maitreya

Thank you to Claudia Brazil for so lovingly transcribing this for me.

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