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Monday, October 22, 2012

"Egypt 2012 - Pilgrims Return - Part 2" Mary Magdalene. By Michelle Manders/Palace of Peace

"Over the recent past there have been many urgent promptings for all of you to step deeper into the self, to become more self aware, more self empowered, self conscious, to take responsibility for the self and to spend time reflecting on the self. We have not done this just to keep you busy in order to distract you from that which paralyzes and debilitates you. We have done this because it is a vital aspect of where humanity’s consciousness is being guided toward. You have heard this call. You have responded, and you have done much of what we have suggested and requested from you. Thus the ability to utilize free will is now elevated to a higher level. Self awareness, self consciousness, self knowing and self empowerment enable you to harness the higher octaves of free will and apply the will of your Higher Self more freely and consciously at this vitally powerful and empowering turning point in Earth’s spiritual history.

This is what enables you to carry the Messenger Flame you have been assigned to hold. It is this flame of powerful light which guides you to the places, experiences and knowledge you require in order to share with those who are a part of your soul group, and those who shall come to you to seek answers. As a messenger of the Aquarian Age you stand in a position that has what you could call it’s “pro’s and it’s con’s.” The “pro’s,” as such, are that you are moving beyond the fixed aspect of fear based consciousness a lot quicker than the average group mind. The “con” side of it, as it is referred to, is that it also requires of you to drop your victim consciousness motivated by fear and stand firmly within your truth and power. We have often said the time has arrived where no longer can one sit in doubt or vacillate with regards to the path you shall take. The time of choice has long time ago arrived and now your time to act and apply your free will consciously, motivated by love and wisdom, is in your presence and no longer standing on the side line waiting for you to pay it some attention when you have nothing better to do.

You have been educated in powerful concepts of higher energy technology. Now, I speak not solely of the higher energetic technologies which make up the higher spheres of your Lightbodies and superior intelligence. I speak of the technologies which are programmed into your body, and the chakras of your body, which enable you to act upon higher intelligence so as to grasp the more advanced principles of the Universal Mind. This in itself is an initiation through the underworld the lower ego remains attached to for a certain period of time whilst the initiate gains more confidence in the ability of self to make informed choices and decisions and act upon this. As a result you are now at a point where you are having to sense for yourself what your truth is. Thus, no longer, to a degree, are you able to seek your answers from sources outside of yourself. In other words, if you insist on denying your own inner knowing, intuition and truth and ask other people to tell you what to do, to confirm what you want to hear, the more confusion you will feel." Excerpt

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