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Monday, October 8, 2012

DNA Layer 8 :Rochev Baaravot

Rochev Baaravot
Kryon's interpretation:
"Riders of the Light"
In Lemurian, Kryon gave the name as:
Akee Yawee Fractua
(Awe key - Yaweee - Frack-two-au)
Which means: "The Master Record"
or "Record of the Masters"

Layer Eight is one of three Lemurian layers. It is also part of an important pair... 7 and 8. These are "The Lemurian Pair Layers." This is one of the two given to us by the Pleiadians as a divine complement to the Earth's normal DNA progression. It's Lemurian name, Akee, Yawee, Fractua (sometimes Fractus), means Record of the Masters, and has the energy of "Wisdom and Responsibility." This layer IS the MASTER AKASHIC RECORD of your lifetimes on earth. It has more meanings than any layer.
Layer Eight is part of the third group of three layers, which are the "LEMURIAN GROUP" (7-8-9)