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Monday, October 29, 2012

Dan Winter - Fractal Bliss & Sun-gasms (1/4)

Experiential journalist Rak Razam does his best to digest the ultra-dense, even imploding infometrics of new paradigm physics guru Dan Winter over lunch in Mullumbimby... How does an electrical universe and "implosion science" create self-organizing DNA, gravity and the plasma consciousness of life? What is the fractal nature of reality and what can the sacred geometry underlying nature tell us about life, death, the beyond and our mission here on earth? What is LOVE and how can we phase-lock ourselves and the species into a love frequency? Is the sun having an orgasm? Listen as Dan downloads critical survival memes for the upcoming cosmic shift and tells us how to attune our energetics through correct bliss frequencies, gestalt consciousness, EMP-free tribal living and sacred spaces to maximise our transformation into a galactic species. But how does Stonehenge, Shakespeare, Enki's iPhone and the possibility of extraterrestrial contact and intervention through history tie into all this? Hold onto your paradigms, this one will literally blow you away!