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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Breaking News: Listen to Your Heart

  If I had a dime for every time I heard the above quote, I would be a rich man by now. Not that I care about monetary possessions, however the reason I bring this up, it is because I didn’t know what that phrase really meant, so I went on my way through life, ignorant of its meaning.  It was not until late last year that I began experiencing “the call of the heart”. 

   Oh boy did it call all right!

    If you ever experienced heartache at its finest, this one felt like it was at a completely new level (Though the recent call surpassed past ones). I felt like I was dying, falling into an endless abyss of nothingness. My mind struggled to comprehend what I was feeling and the more it did, the more my heart ached. To try to put the experience into words would not give it justice. I knew then what I know now, that I was discovering something new.

   I would later discover; that what I went through had a name for it, and that was “the dark night of the soul”, which is a calling of the soul to deal with the influence of the ego. It was here where I experienced emotions I had never felt before, along with amplified versions of old ones.  It was hell, and it lasted for quite a few weeks as my heart began to sob more and more for no reasons whatsoever. (Or so I thought.)

  I have to admit; I was scared. It was mostly because the emotions were unlike anything I ever felt before. I would then complain about my feelings and emotions to other people, not knowing why I was feeling this way. Keep in mind, I was never the type to show my feelings to anyone, I was mostly very conservative with my feelings and hardly displayed them over the years. Those who have known me the longest know that I was mostly the quiet person in the group. That all changed however, after I began to feel some new emotions that were now rising in me. I tried to find answers, but almost everywhere I turned, others greeted me with negativity. (Not good if you are an empath)

  Normally I would not care for such, but those who greeted me this way were actually spiritual people themselves. Some of whom I thought were highly spiritual and tolerant, displayed utter hypocrisy in their words, as they preached about love, unity, acceptance, and yet here they were rejecting me because I was emotional.

Would you expect someone who does not know what is going on to have a way to stop it?

  Of course, my sense of justice would not allow me to stay quiet when I witnessed this for not only myself, but also others like me who was going through the same. I admit I blew a fuse or two, just to get out of my system what I thought about that situation. Nevertheless, I tried to help those rejected by these “spiritual” teachers, by showing them my findings through my own search for answers.  It helped, as I did gain some answers and confirmations from their experiences. It turns out, that those rejected were more spiritual than the spiritual teachers were. They were simply just as lost as I was, so we teamed up from time to time and shared our research.

   One thing that I found we had in common was the similar feeling of falling into an abyss, and the feeling of “dying”.  Others would point out real physical heart pain, which I too was having. It made me wonder; if our hearts were connected in some way, and these questions lead me to an answer.

The torus

       Not only did I see this pattern emerging everywhere, but I also noticed that the galaxy had one too at its center.  In addition, something that came to my mind as I thought about the center of the galaxy was a black hole. That was when the question hit me. Was the black hole the same abyss I was experiencing?  If so, was it the same black hole for everyone?  There is a possible name for it; it is called “Zero point”.
  This was not the first time I encountered something similar. A couple years back, I got so drunk that I felt myself dragged into an abyss. My heart did not hurt that time, perhaps the alcohol numbed the pain I would have felt, but I remember fighting against what I would describe as “currents” pulling me into this void.  All I know is that I ended up fearing for my life, and yes, I ended up praying too. After what seemed like an eternity passed by, I found myself throwing up most of the alcohol from my system as I slowly regained control of my mind and body. 

  Was this void the same one experienced?

  According to the book “The hearts code”, the heart is like the sun, with the mind rotating around it. This suggests a couple different things:
  • 1.       If the heart is like the sun, when the sun goes nova, it becomes a black hole. This sounds a lot like how most view death, since the experience is similar; however, there are theories that suggest that the black hole is actually a portal towards other dimensions.
  • 2.       The heart is actually the one true “brain”. (Since it is the source for consciousness. )

 Society has it backwards; most think it’s the brain that calls the shots.  However, when you listen closer to your heart, you will notice something is talking to you, and what is talking to you is actually father-god, source, the Tao, the all that is.

  Below I will show you how to listen to your heart.

  • 1.  If you are feeling pain or heartache, stop what you are doing. Place your hand over your chest and close your eyes. (This is a way of hugging yourself) In addition, ask questions, as if your heart was your best friend.
  •      a.       Why am I feeling like this?
  •      b.      What can I do to help?
  •      c.       Am I doing what I want?
  • 2.  If you had an argument with someone, and you are feeling unsettled. Stop what you are doing or thinking. Do not let pride get in your way. The faster you talk to your heart the better, otherwise, your heart will feel ignored and it will hurt more. You can try to hack your mind and deny your heart the attention. However, keep in mind; this will pursue you until your heart gets the attention it deserves. (Depression is usually a way the heart feels when it feels ignored.) The reason it does this, it is because you are also ignoring Divine Law by victimizing yourself. Your body is a temple after all.
  • 3.Meditate, as often as possible. When you meditate, you go within yourself, and you give your heart company. (This is what they mean by self-love) Visualize it, as two best friends drinking with each other and having a conversation.  You will find that you will start enjoying your own company more and more, as you begin to trust yourself and all those around you.

   This is also one way to check, if you have received correct information. When the heart does not agree with said information and displays another feeling instead, it sends a different signal. Pay attention to this signal, it could mean a world of difference to decisions you may or may not make. You could be sparing someone else from heartache by avoiding assumptions that the mind tends to put together every now and then. Your heart is the only true source of information. Anything else is illusions and ego.  

  Always listen to yourself, not what other people say.  The heart is your best friend; it is also your inner child.

Much love to you all. And may the the creator of all, the one, protect us with love.