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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Birthing Stars and Birthing Events : 2012 to 2013 Birth Portal


     Since we first met over the phone to create The Santa Fe Astrology Circle Event on 2013, we've birthed from one point, 12-12-12, into multiple points with varied expressions of celebration and ceremony for this birth portal we find ourselves all in together! What a sacred time of all times this is!  We are honoring this sacred time with a wave of events that is coming through like a creative snake of celebration and birthing!

Even if we are not together, this time is so potent and so special!! When we are together, we can magnify the power of this window, and receive its blessings with and through each other. We host this wave of events for your celebration and transition enjoyment!!

First there will be a luncheon on 12-12-12 at 12 noon, at BODY of Santa Fe. At the luncheon, Heather, Arielle and Azlan will hold a ceremony to close the year, blessing and invoking peace with all of it. We will offer cauldron's within which to burn, bury and activate our transition. We will honor the metamorphosis that we are in the middle of, supporting each other with the gifts of all of us.

On FRIDAY DECEMBER 14th, at 6:45 (gathering at 6:30 pm),  we will begin our annual December Astrological Program. This year, we are in "THE HEART OF THE METAMORPHOSIS!" You can purchase tickets for this event here on the website, or at the Ark Bookstore, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, after October 30th. This event will take  place at the Center for Spiritual Living.

There may be a PLANETARY THEATRE for 2013 on Saturday Night, hosted by Oracle Theatre and The Living Tarot. We'll keep you posted on this SATURDAY< DECEMBER 15th!

On the Winter Solstice, Arielle and Azlan are hosting a Ceremony and Soak Weekend where we can have some alone and some community sacred time in the Oho waters, meditating, listerning, and bathing in the midst of this birthing time. Our Birth Celebration Portal begins on Thursday Evening, the Eve of the Winter Solstice with a late night community fire circle at 10 pm to close the year officially with the assistance of the elementals and our clear intention to "tie up any energetic loose ends, from the closing era."

Friday morning, on the 21st, we will have gathering time by the fire for dream-sharing, poetry, and stories with tea, by the fire. Soaking is from dawn (whenever you wish). At 10 am there will be a group Winter Solstice Brunch. You will have the option to stay friday night.  Reservations beyond Friday can be made with Oho.  We will sell tickets here, for the group celebration with ceremonies and brunch, including Thursday night's stay and soak for two days.

Like the birthing stars in the image above, birthing events, people or anything else, espeically, "a new era," is no linear, small or identifiable task. Like the ameobic organic mass moving in the birthing star image--we too are organically growing--birthing into our new form, like this star.  -- Azlan White reporting on behalf of The Santa Fe Astrology Circle.