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Monday, October 22, 2012

Are you an Indigo or Crystal?

Are you an Indigo, Crystal child or adult? Are you one of the New Children?  How to know? You can figure it out for yourself. We like to share some suggestions with you how you can tell if you're an Indigo or Crystal. Before we do that we like to say that your part of humanity above all. From flesh and blood, with a heart.

You are born, growing up and living in a time where there is a call for new constructive, stustainable and loving ways of living together. You live in a time where there are huge changes in the systems on sociological, economical, political and other levels. That means that more than ever you have a huge effect on the evolution of humanity. Everything you create will have a ripple effect and is the buildingstone of a new world. You matter and you're important.

So having said that: are you an Indigo, a Crystal perhaps, a Rainbow child? Or do you resonate more with another name? Does it really matter? Yes, it does matter when you finally feel there is a reason to be here, an explanation about why you are the way you are. It does matter when it gives you the feeling you belong here and that there is also a place for you here in the world and society. It does matter when you realize that what you perceived as a handicap or failure is actually a talent and a gift.

It can be quite a journey to filter all the information out there and it can be confusing when you want to find out who you are. Only you have the answer to who you really are. In this article we like to reflect something back to you, the Indigo and/or Crystal child/adult. It's for you to consider if you feel comfortable with this label, if you just want to take out the pieces that fit you, or if you embrace it completely.

We aren't  to font of lists with characteristics as they often don't grasp the entire picture of Indigo and/or Crystal children/adults. That is one of the first things that describe us: We don't just think out of the box. We get rid of the box! We try to be as accurate and subtle as possible while offering an overview in this article. You can determine for yourself if you feel it fits you and if it resonates. We have a spiritual view but also when you just like to know more about what is happening in the world with the new children, teens and adults this article also is for you.

We combined the Indigo and Crystal labels and use them next together on purpose. We see that many children born and some scouts have aspects of both. We acknowledge the differences in Indigo and Crystal energy while we see a combination of these two more often. 

Indigo and Crystals are known to have these characteristics:
- Very creative
- Authentic and strong personality
- Have your own way of doing things
- Sense of mission
- A strong inner knowing
- Strong sense of feeling for justice
- Extravert or introvert
- Gifted (see below for more)
- A strong preference for certain colors, fabrics and food
- The feeling of being an old or new soul
- And more

Your gift can be in one or more of these area's:
Linguistic intelligence
Logical-mathematical intelligence
- Musical intelligence
- Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence
- Spatial intelligence
- Interpersonal intelligence
- Intrapersonal intelligence
- Existential intelligence
- Moral intelligence

Linguistic intelligence involves sensitivity to spoken and written language, the ability to learn languages, and the capacity to use language to accomplish certain goals. This intelligence includes the ability to effectively use language to express oneself rhetorically or poetically; and language as a means to remember information. Writers, poets, lawyers and speakers are among those that have high linguistic intelligence.

Logical-mathematical intelligence consists of the capacity to analyze problems logically, carry out mathematical operations, and investigate issues scientifically. It entails the ability to detect patterns, reason deductively and think logically. This intelligence is most often associated with scientific and mathematical thinking.

Musical intelligence involves skill in the performance, composition, and appreciation of musical patterns. It encompasses the capacity to recognize and compose musical pitches, tones, and rhythms. Musical intelligence runs in an almost structural parallel to linguistic intelligence. Careers that suit those with this intelligence include instrumentalists, singers, conductors, disc jockeys, orators, writers and composers.

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence entails the potential of using one's whole body or parts of the body to solve problems. It is the ability to use mental abilities to coordinate bodily movements. Mental and physical activity are related. Careers that suit those with this intelligence include: athletes, pilots, dancers, musicians, actors, surgeons, builders.

Spatial intelligence involves the potential to recognize and use the patterns of wide space and more confined areas. Careers which suit those with this type of intelligence include artists, designers and architects.
Interpersonal intelligence is concerned with the capacity to understand the intentions, motivations and desires of other people. It allows people to work effectively with others. Educators, salespeople, religious and political leaders and counsellors all need a well-developed interpersonal intelligence. Careers that suit those with this intelligence include sales, politicians, managers, teachers, counselors and social workers.
Intrapersonal intelligence entails the capacity to understand oneself, to appreciate one's feelings, fears and motivations. It involves having an effective working model of ourselves, and to be able to use such information to regulate our lives. Many people with this intelligence are authors, psychologists, counselors and philosophers.
Naturalist intelligence enables human beings to recognize, categorize and draw upon certain features of the environment. It 'combines a description of the core ability with a characterization of the role that many cultures value.' Careers which suit those with this intelligence include naturalists, farmers and gardeners.
Existential intelligence entails a concern with 'ultimate issues. Some proponents of multiple intelligence theory proposed spiritual or religious intelligence as a possible additional type. An "existential" intelligence may be a useful construct instead of using a spiritual and religious intelligence.Careers or callings which suit those with this intelligence include shamans, priests, mathematicians, physicists, scientists, cosmologists, psychologists and philosophers.
Moral intelligence is a concern with those rules, behaviours and attitudes that govern the sanctity of life - in particular, the sanctity of human life and, in many cases, the sanctity of any other living creatures and the world they inhabit

What does being an Indigo or Crystal mean?
You might have resonated with one or more of the characteristics and intelligences. How does being an Indigo/ Crystal applies to other area's of life? We describe that in short below. An extensive description of more aspects of life and real life experiences of others and more can be found in our other articles. You can find them in the archive and by using the search button on this blog.
Indigo's and Crystals often have an expressive opinion and intense experiences with school and education. They also can be introverted, silent and almost show a lack of expression. Some of us are drop outs. We just don't like to be suppressed at school. Our creativity needs to be expressed and when we aren't challenged we feel bored. Others can perceive us as lazy and bored. We just have a lot of creativity that needs to be expressed. We are gifted and have a lot of intelligence that we want to use. When we aren't challenged we might leave the education system. Others might worry about us, but we know we have our own road the walk. When we are supported you can find us thriving.

We really thrive in places where we can do our own thing. Later in life we might become entrepreneurs, but you find us in all professions. We like to go to the top soon and value creativity more than money and status. We are the new leaders of today and tomorrow who will give new meaning to the term leadership. A leader is not someone who stands above others, it's someone in service of all standing next together everyone else. We all will be leaders in our own area of expertise in a round table construction. 

Because of our hightened sensitivity we can have some challenges in the area of health. Allergies are really common among us. We like to create alternative solutions for our health problems when we feel the healthcare systems aren't supporting us. We are the ones inventing new methods for healing.

Social and Relationships
Some of us are really socially skilled and have a lot of friends. It's also really common to feel like a loner in groups as you're qualities just stand out so much. You're not a freak. You're special and have an important purpose in life.

Others of us can have a bit more difficulty with the social interaction as we communicate not just verbal. Our non verbal and body language is the way we like to communicate. It's also known as telepathic communication. An open heart and honesty is important for us to keep the communication flowing.

We like to work together and we know we all are connected. We aren't limited anymore to the place we live in, with the Internet we can connect and have friends all over the globe.

It's the essence of life. As creators without box we have a natural skill to be creative. Not just in the arts but also on all other levels. We see solutions and options where others don't see it. It's important for us to be able to express our creativity. When we can't or don't we might experience and inflow of energy resulting in depression or anxiety. We thrive when we create space to be creative or are challenged.

Indigo and Crystal Myths

Over the years there is written a lot about Indigo, Crystal and the New Children/Adults. We have seen the information and saw the books. Most of the time laughing, sometimes confused about the list of characteristics that just didn't felt like our truth. We like to set the record straight by offering our perspective:

- We all have large blue eyes
It can be that certain people with blue eyes are Indigo or Crystal. That doesn't mean we can reverse this logic: That all people with blue eyes are Crystal or Indigo.

- We have a blue aura
Same goes for this myth. It can be that some people see blue aura's around Indigo and Crystal children. Doesn't mean all Indigo and Crystal children have blue, rainbow or white aura's. The origin of the myth lies in the fact that Nancy Tappe identified personality types and that with people she perceived with a blue color are Indigo personalities. It's a personality color.
- We all are cutie putie cute and fluffy or all are rude and insensitive
This is the common Indigo vs Crystal info you can find online. Sometimes we try to over simplify the labels and loose our feeling for subtlety. We, just like all humans are familiar with all spectrum's of behavior and you will find it at one end of the spectrum more often with us. That doesn't mean we are or this or that all the time. We see many combinations these days in Indigo and Crystal energy in the children of today.
- Our dates of birth determine if we are Indigo or Crystal
We think this is not completely accurate as we see many forerunners and pioneers that went before us that fall out of the often used dates of birth. We feel it's important to honor the forerunners who are testing and tested the water if the awareness supported our souls. Kudos to them for the courageous role they are playing in life. We do see differences in awareness and characteristics in the different generations. This is also a natural result of cultural, global, technological, sociological and economical changes. We also belief that there is an energetic component that makes that the more safe space there is for awareness, the more New Children will be born. There is also new awareness not yet birthed here on earth, waiting until the water is safe to play and thrive.
- We are born with religious or spiritual beliefs 
Not true according to our truth. We do belief we are born with an existential intelligence and can choose for certain spiritual or religious beliefs in life. Most of the time we honor all views, while living and expressing the truth in our hearts.

Some Indigo's or Crystals will show a developed existential (spiritual) intelligence that can translate itself in embracing certain beliefs or a close connection to god, source. It depends on the belief, religion or truth we embrace how we choose to name and express it. We're not all taking on but will respect new age beliefs, some of us are Muslim, Christen, Buddhist, all of them, a combination of it or none. We at approach the concept of Indigo and Crystal and New Children/Adults from an open spiritual perspective.
- We don't need boundaries and rules that create safe space
It's one of the myths that lives among some new age parent's and educators.We do belief that Indigo's will test the boundaries to check the safe space. We will create it ourselves when the rules don't support safety. Just like every other child we need space but also need to know that we are safe on a physical, mental and emotional level. Boundaries can set that safe space, to much 'freedom' creates unsafety. To little freedom will show a very determined Indigo to stretch the rules to the max. It's about the balance.
Mainstream Labels
Because we have our own way of doing things and have a natural talent of not fitting in systems, society likes to label us. We can have many labels. Common labels are ADHD and ADD, cause we don't like to sit still in class, have a multi focus and can live in our own world. Also other psychiatric labels can be given to us. With Crystal Children we often see Autism popping up, as others observe and perceive a lack in communication and social behavior with us. Luckily we know better; There is nothing wrong with us, we just show where the systems can grow, be more loving and human. When a system is based on fear we will show the road to love and unity in our own way. We respect you for walking this road. Know you're supported.
Spiritual Labels
The New Children is just a name to gather different flavors in awareness: Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Multidimensional, Dolphin, Octrine Children/Adults We all see them as children/adults of the new earth. While honoring the differences in energy and personality at the same time. We don't hang on to the labels to much as we like to get rid of the box when it has served it's purpose. We feel it's important to share traits so you can recognize yourself and find a feeling of confidence. You're not alone.

Connecting with others
Ofcourse you can google to find online communities for Indigo and Crystal children/adults.  You can always add us on facebook and I would be happy to introduce you to a whole community. 
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Support and Coaching
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Books we recommend:

"This book is all about the children of our planet, what really might be happening with them, why they do what they do, and what we can do to help them and our educators survive all this. In addition, the Indigos are slowly beginning to join the work force (gasp)!

Join Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, the original authors of The Indigo Children, for a profound and frank discussion of this topic, ten years later. After all this time, what do some in higher education say about these kids? What do industry leaders say? Humanity is evolving, so you should definitely be aware of what these individuals are saying.
It’s time to stop the circus that has been created around this subject and get down to finding out how to help these children survive an earth they don’t understand . . . or perhaps it’s justyou they don’t understand. . . . Join the leaders of education and industry who speak out in this book for a peek into the real issues surrounding the Indigos, and perhaps the future of humanity!" You can get the book here.