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Sunday, September 2, 2012

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet."

White roses are the ultimate symbol of purity and innocence. It gives a wonderful feeling of po siti ve vibes, peace and tranquility. Its pristine exterior reflects the beauty and dignified meaning that it holds. Being one of the more popular roses (apart from the Queen of Roses – the Glamorous Red Rose), the White Rose, an understated and modest beauty holds great significance and is a symbol for interesting concepts which will be covered in this article.
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The white rose in myths and legends
There are plenty of myths and legends behind the white rose. As one myth has it, the first rose on Earth was a white rose, and it miraculously transformed to other hues. The pure white rose was said to have been tainted by blood, making it red; and it was also made to blush from a kiss, making it pink.
Another myth came from the Ancient Greeks. It was said that roses were originally white until one day Aphrodite the Goddess of Love and Beauty pricked herself with the thorns of a rose. The blood that dripped from her finger turned the white roses red.
These myths indicate the loss of innocence, which is the absolute opposite of what the white rose symbolizes – innocence and purity.
White roses as symbol of purity & marriage
The white rose is known as the traditional wedding flower and as such, it signifies pureness of a newly formed bond between lovers.
The tradition of brides carrying a bouquet of white roses was started in 1840, at the wedding of Queen Victoria. During this momentous occasion, white roses were used abundantly throughout the ceremony. Since then, the tradition was formed and passed on through generations.
Brides carry a bouquet of white roses during their wedding ceremony to indicate their purity, virginity and innocence.
That being said, white roses also state the reputation of women in society – that they are clean and untainted. In Ancient Rome for example, white rose bushes were planted at the graves of deceased young women to indicate their virginity and innocence.
White roses and funerals
White roses are versatile such that they can be used to celebrate happy occasions such as weddings, as stated above, or to offer condolences at a funeral. White roses are a symbol of honour, heavenliness, spiritual love and respect; which is why they are perfect to remember loved ones who have already passed on. White roses are also a symbol of a holy and spiritual union between the departed soul and God in heaven.
White roses as a religious symbol
The white rose holds a great significance to Christians. The white represents the Virgin Mary, who has often been referred to as the Mystical Rose of Heaven. The colour white in Christianity symbolizes light, innocence, purity, glory and joy – traits which embody the virtues of Virgin Mary.
The white rose is also said to have bloomed without any thorns in Paradise before the fall of Adam and Eve. Once again, this example shows that white roses signify innocence and purity.
White roses – a symbol of secrecy and loyalty
The white rose is also known as a symbol for confidentiality and fidelity as stated in the following examples:
Back in World War II, an anti-Nazi political group was set up by a group of students in Munich. Germany. This group, which upheld the ideals of political freedom, was called “The White Rose”.
The name “The White Rose” itself says a lot about the group. It symbolizes secrecy, since it could not have possibly been formed in the open during the Nazi Regime and also loyalty because the students remained true to what they stood for to their death. Most of the members of this group were killed off upon being discovered. Thus, the white rose can also signify purity of youth.
Still on a political example, the white rose holds a great significance during the War of the Roses which took place in England . It was said that the white rose signifies death to those who betray their word. This ties the meaning of the white rose to loyalty and trust as well.
Another example of the white rose being a symbol for secrecy would be the fact that during the medieval era, talking beneath a white rose was understood to indicate the confidential content and nature of the conversation.
Also, in the 16 th century, the Pope declared that a rose be carved in confession booths to symbolize confidentiality, secrecy and privacy.
Significance of white rose buds
White rosebuds, though they are essentially white roses that have yet to blossom, carry a different meaning to full-bloomed white roses.
White rosebuds are in fact a traditional symbol of girlhood and innocence. They represent young girls who have yet to reach adolescence. These rosebuds are an underlying symbol of one being too young for love or to be loved.