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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Mystery Hexagon on SATURN

Seed of Life Progression from Wikimedia Commons

The Cube(s) in Metatron's Cube

The Cube in Metatron's CubeThe figure of Metatron's Cube contains flattened wireframe versions of several regular polyhedrons, or three dimensional polygons, known as theplatonic solids. These platonic solids are the Tetrahedron (four sided pyramid), the Cube (or Hexahedron, six sides), the Octahedron (eight sides), the Dodecahedron (twelve sides), and the Icosahedron (twenty sides). The cube can be seen if you study the hexagon of Metatron's Cube and the three major lines that intersect the center of the central circle.

The exception to this direct correspondence of the platonic solids to the lines of Metatron's Cube is the dodecahedron, although according to the video below by artist Charles Gilchrist, this exception can be eliminated by layering additional Metatron's Cubes over top of each other, out of which the dodecahedron is then formed.

In the times of the ancient Greeks, the five platonic solids were important as they symbolized the elements from which the universe was built. Interestingly enough, in more recent times a "mostly regular" Icosahedron has served as a way of visualizing our planet, as the basis of Buckminster Fuller's dymaxion map of the Earth.

Who Is Metatron and Where Does This Geometric Figure Show Up?

According to Wikipedia, Metatron, often referred to as the "voice of God" and a heavenly scribe in the Jewish tradition, is the name of an archangel who also appears in Christianity and Islam. Thehexagram or so called Star of David, a primary element of Metatron's cube, can also be found in various Hindu yantras, (which are similar to mandalas) and in someBuddhist iconography. The hexagram is also seen by many in the new age community as a flattened illustration of the three dimensional star tetrahedron, referred to as the merkabah, which is believed to be a celestial chariot or light spirit body used for spiritual travel. All of this illustrates the cross cultural significance of the Metatron's cube and its elements. Metatron's Cube was also embraced by alchemists and individuals like Leonardo DaVinci.

Temple Metatron: Original Abstract Acrylic Sacred Geometry Art

The Flower of Life Merkabah form as Mandala

Temple Metatron Original Sacred Geometry Art by Luke Orsborne
Take a few moments to stare at the image, and notice how your mind visually shifts and reorganizes the Metatron's cube mandala so that new shapes and patterns emerge. In this way, the actual viewing of the painting is an act of creation between you and the picture.

This piece, Temple Metatron by contemporary artist Luke Orsborne, illustrates the way Metatron's cube can interlock with other Metatron's cubes, creating even more complex and striking images.