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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Incase you were feeling creative@RightSideofthebrain The hierarchy of the seven rays

The beings of the Angelic Kingdom serve the function of administering to the spiritual and emotional needs of humanity and the other members of the third dimension. Angels, like fountains, produce a continuous stream of the particular quality of the Ray on which they serve. Angels are like rechargeable batteries, and they absorb their leader’s energy by being in their aura. When the angel becomes totally “full”, they are sent to administer and radiate that quality to humans and other members of the physical world. They radiate primarily through their feelings. Once the angels become “empty”, they return to their leader and “fill up” with that quality, to be sent out once again.
As angels evolve, they continuously improve their ability to hold more and more of this specialized quality. They also learn to hold it for longer and longer periods of “time” without contamination from adverse external conditions (usually generated by humans). As angels continue to specialize in the quality of the Ray they serve on, they too become a fountainhead for that quality to which many lesser angels come to replenish themselves. Through the radiation of the Divine Qualities, angels remind humans and elementals of their Celestial Source and assist them in conforming to their true Path.
Angels are experts at creating force fields through the use of sacred geometry and symmetric patterns. By joining together and working in unison, they can create much more powerful and effective force fields than they could by working alone. Angels also function as inter-dimensional messengers of energies, both up and down, between the fourth dimensional sub-planes. In the “up” direction, they gather all the hopes, aspirations, wishes and prayers of humanity and deliver them to the appropriate beings in the higher planes. In the “down” direction, they send beneficial, higher dimensional energies to persons and places on the Physical Plane. This is why angels are often known as the “Messengers of God.”
The highest evolution of the Angelic Kingdom is the Archangel. An Archangel, in unity with His or Her Divine Complement, forms an Archaii. Each of the Seven Archaii defends Divine Power and acts as the Director of the Angelic Kingdom for the Ray which they represent.
The Archangels’ association with the Seven Rays are:
FIRST RAYMichael and FaithDefenders of:
Power, Faith and Protection
SECOND RAYJophiel and ConstanceDefenders of:
Illumination and Wisdom
THIRD RAYChamuel and CharityDefenders of:
The Consciousness of Divine Love
FOURTH RAYGabriel and HopeDefenders of:
Purity and Hope
FIFTH RAYRaphael and Mother MaryDefenders of:
Consecration to Service
SIXTH RAYUriel and Donna GraceDefenders of:
Ministration to the Requirements of the Hour
SEVENTH RAYZadkiel and Holy AmethystDefenders of:
Invocation of Divine Mercy and Compassion
Angels serve from the Emotional Plane to assist humans to infuse Divine Will into our emotions.

The Devic Kingdom encompasses all the “holders of form” from the highest vibrational Elohim to the lowest vibrational elementals. The Devic Kingdom works from the Mental Plane to translate thought-forms into physical forms by transforming mental patterns into etheric patterns and then into physical patterns. All beings in the Nature Kingdom are a part of the Devic Kingdom.
Each being in the Devic Kingdom is a specialist in creating a specific form, whether it is an electron, a biological cell, a flower, a tree, a valley, a river, a planet, a solar system, or inter-stellar space. Elementals are the “building blocks” of form and represent the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water. Devas gather many elementals together to create a form made of more than one element, and the Elohim are the rulers of this kingdom.
Just as humans evolve into Ascended Masters, and angels evolve into Archangels, elementals will eventually evolve into devas and then to Elohim. Like angels, elemental beings begin their evolution small in size, and increase their size as they evolve. Humans, on the other hand, maintain the same size as they evolve, although their Auras get larger.
The elementals serving on planet Earth have all sworn to “out-picture” humanity’s thoughts and feelings. They are under obligation to “materialize” whatever they pick up from the thoughts and feelings of mankind. This relationship was intended to facilitate the re-manifestation of “heaven on earth,” but as humanity’s thoughts and feelings fell into general imperfection, these elemental beings were obligated, against their preference, to out-picture mass imperfection.
This projection of humanity’s thoughts and feelings often results in “natural disasters,” such as tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, and the polluted oceans and atmosphere. In fact, there are elemental beings working around the clock in our atmosphere to purify the environment of the accumulation of distorted energies resulting from all the negative thoughts and feelings of mankind.
For each human Soul who chooses to take the evolutionary route of physical incarnations, there are elemental beings which “volunteer” to make that journey with him or her. Elementals serve to create and maintain a physical body for us for as many lifetimes as it takes to complete our ascension and graduate from “schoolroom Earth.” These individual body elementals are overseen by the collective consciousness of our Body Deva. If we can establish a good rapport with our body elementals and our Body Deva, we can maintain a healthy and vital body.

Devas are divine beings who ensoul every constructive activity or structure upon the planet. This includes such things as great cathedrals, majestic mountains, lakes, woodlands, and human bodies. Devas act as the group consciousness of the different elementals that hold form. For example, our Body Deva is the group consciousness of the elementals of earth, air, fire and water that join together to form our physical bodies.
There are many types of devas, both subhuman and superhuman. There are also many different hierarchies of devas that are distinctly different from the Human Kingdom’s hierarchy, although they work in perfect harmony with each other. Each group of devas has specific work and methods of development whereby they attain their goals and evolution.

The elemental beings of this Kingdom join together to create all form in the third and fourth dimension. Elementals serve through each of the elements to hold the pattern for every manifestation. For example:

  • Oxygen, wind, atmosphere, etc. are formed from the element of AIR.

  • Rain, rivers, lakes, etc. are formed from the element of WATER.

  • Flowers, trees, rocks, etc. are formed from the element of EARTH.

  • Fire, neurons, photons, light are formed from the element of FIRE.

  • -The Sylphs-
    The Sylphs are the air elementals. Sylphs are beautiful, wispy creatures who fly through the air. Sylphs are also known as faeries. The air element is very important for the maintenance of life on the physical plane. By the conscious control of our breath, we can assist these elementals in harmonizing our bodies and purifying our surroundings. Wind can clear the air or be tainted by pollutions, depending on the activities of the resident humans. Humanity was meant to be the Guardian of the Earth, but instead many of us have become the Destroyers.

    -The Undines-
    The Undines are the water elementals. Undines can be seen with our physic vision as wispy creatures in water, as waves, currents, or sparkles of light on the water. Mermaids and Mermen are also Undines. The water element, which is a large part of our physical body, is related to the emotional body. Negative emotions can damage our health, whereas the emotion of love is a powerful healing force. Our planet is also largely covered with water. Water is a great cleansing agent and one of the many factors for the success of our harvest. Without clear water, life as we know it could not continue on our planet.

    -The Gnomes-
    The Gnomes are the earth elementals. Elves and brownies are also earth elementals. Gnomes are said to live in caves under the earth and give their service there. They work largely with the mineral kingdom, whereas brownies and elves serve from the surface to assist the animal kingdom and humanity. It is the earth element that gives our physical bodies substance. If we can learn to truly respect the earth element of our physical forms, then we will learn to respect the earth element of our planet.

    -The Salamanders-
    The Salamanders are the fire elementals. The least is known about these elementals, but we can use our psychic vision to see them dancing in the flames of a fire. The Salamanders’ contribution to humanity is that they are the expression of the Sacred Fire of our Three-Fold Flame of Life. One of their constructive activities is the purification of disharmony within the ALL THAT IS of Nature. On a physical level, fire can warm a house or burn it down. Fire is pure energy and it is the intention of the user that determines the activity of this elemental.

    Elohim have a male and a female aspect, and are the creator Gods and Goddess who are the highest evolution of the Devic Kingdom. The term “elohim” means “all that God is”. Elohim were referred to in the Old Testament over two thousand five hundred times as the “name of God.” In the Kabbalah, the Jewish book of mysticism, Elohim are referred to as the Divine Mother. The term Yod Jay Vod Jay, or Jehovah, refers to the Divine Father. Rudolph Steiner, the great German mystic, calls the Elohim the “spirits of form.” The Keys of Enoch refers to the Elohim as those beings who created the world by the will of YHWH (YHWH being the Jewish name for the Godhead).
    The Elohim and Archangels might be thought of as the left and right hands of God. The term Elohim is plural as it refers to many gods. Each of the Elohim is associated with one of the Seven Rays, and therefore contributes the characteristics or qualities of their individual ray to all of creation.
    The Elohim work together with their Divine Complements to carry out their Cosmic Service.
    Elohim association with the Seven Rays are:
    FIRST RAYHercules and AmazonDecision and carrying out
    Divine will into manifestation
    SECOND RAYCassiopeia and MinervaPerception of the Plan and
    the Wisdom to Analyze the Methods of Operation
    THIRD RAYOrion and AngelicaUse of the Cohesive Action of
    Divine Love in the Activities of Building
    FOURTH RAYClaire and AstreaMaintaining of Purity and
    Holding the Immaculate Concept in all Creations
    FIFTH RAYVista and CrystalConsecration of all
    Energy to Divine Purpose
    SIXTH RAYTranquility and PacificaMinistering to the Needs of
    the Moment and Holding Peace
    SEVENTH RAYArcturus and DianaRhythm of Invocation of
    the Sacred Fire of Transmutation
    The Devic Kingdom is ruled from the Mental Plane to infuse Divine Ideals into all physical manifestations.

    The beings in the Human Kingdom were created to act as step-down transformers for the energy, will, ideas, wisdom, consciousness and love of the higher dimensions. Humanity is meant to be the protector of the Physical Plane and to re-manifest the heavens into the denser planes of form and matter. Humans are all embryonic Gods and Goddesses in training, and the earth is our incubator. Humans are preordained to receive inspiration from the higher planes, define and develop it with our thoughts, then energize these thought-forms with our feelings. However, free will is much more emphasized in the Human Kingdom than in either of the other two kingdoms, and we often do not keep our free will in alignment with Divine Will.
    The Ascended Masters are members of the Human Kingdom who have ascended into the fifth dimension, but they have volunteered to waylay their life in the higher planes in order to serve humanity from the fourth dimension. Each of the Ascended Masters serves from a different Ray and has a focus of light in the ethers just above the third dimension called an Ascended Masters Retreat. Humans can travel to these retreats in their higher bodies for study and enlightenment.
    The Ascended Masters are:
    RAY OF
    FIRST RAYEl MoryaDivine Will and PowerDarjeeling, India
    SECOND RAYLord LantoIllumination and WisdomRocky Mountains, USA
    THIRD RAYPaul the VenetianAwareness and LoveSouthern France
    FOURTH RAYSerapis BeyPurity, Hope and AscensionLuxor, Egypt
    FIFTH RAYHilarionTruth, Healing and Scientific InventionIsland of Crete
    SIXTH RAYNadaPeace and MinistrationsThe Holy Land
    SEVENTH RAYSt. GermainFreedom, Mercy, and ForgivenessMt. Fuji, Japan
    The Seven Ascended Masters assist us from their retreats in the Etheric Plane to infuse the Divine Plan into our actions.
    Each individual has an affinity for the activity that resonates to the quality of his or her primary ray. This affinity many be apparent as a “personality” or profession.
    FIRST RAY persons are often rulers or executives.SECOND RAY persons are often teachers or students.THIRD RAY persons are often arbitrators or peacemakers.FOURTH RAY persons are often artists or musicians.FIFTH RAY persons are often doctors or inventors.SIXTH RAY persons are often priests, ministers or healers.SEVENTH RAY persons are often diplomats or mystics.
    Just as lesser angels report to and learn from the Archangels and elementals report to and learn from the Elohim, humans report to and learn from the Ascended Masters.