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Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 30, 2012 – Oh my Soul! What now?

Did a FULL MOON ever give you visions? Did a FULL MOON ever ask you questions? Questions you hadn’t thought of before?  Has a FULL MOON ever opened the cupboard of your soul storyline, with what happens before you in your life? Our lives likely had events line up before us that pull on deep threads, woven in levels and ways, that we didn’t know about, until the FULL MOON lit them up in THAT way.   Have you ever thought you were facing the worst thing possible and then it became the best thing possible?  Perceptual shift, is one of the most powerful and lasting changes a human being can go through, and it can happen in a FULL MOON like this.
Yesterday’s FULL MOON was at 8:19 pm, pdt, in ARIES at seven degrees, opposite a seven degree Libra SUN. This FULL MOON is about healing deep Plutonian Capricornian-Aries  wounds that have caused separation and violence in our culture.  This separation consciousness, rooted in all of our psyches, has led to violent thinking and violent acting, toward ourselves and others, in ways we ourselves may not have seen. Non-Violent Communications classes–as a general premise teach us this, however this FULL MOON may light it up in ways we can see it, change it, and live differently now.
THIS FULL MOON is a potent and transformational opportunity to balance the masculine and feminine stories within us, as the MOON (mother) has been in (Mars’ sign) Aries, OPPOSITE SUN, in Libra (Venus’ sign). With our masculine side (SUN) in a feminine sign and our feminine side–(MOON) in a masculine sign, we are doing special alchemy that balances these two within and without.  Adding to this balancing act, we have VENUS in a masculine sign (Leo) while MARS is in a feminine sign (Scorpio).
Today, MOON in Aries SEXTILE JUPITER in Gemini, at 1:40 pm, pdt wants us to throw open the doorways that exist between our psyche and soul, and melt multiple perceptual limitations, so we can “be the people we’ve been waiting for”–for real–not just as a nice story, but for real. Although we’ve been taught by our bad media and bad leadership, that the world is a dangerous place, eventually, we discover the truth, that the whole universe is built on a foundation of LOVE, mothered eternally by LOVE. Eventually we embody, and receive LOVE. The big challenge now, is to bring the LOVE HERE, on EARTH, (instead of waiting until we are dead) to discover our spiritual selves, and heart-based-multi-dimensional reality.  We have the opportunity to have this discovery from inside of the dense, physical, veiled-from-spirit, yet beautiful BODY!
If we are writers, editors, wordsmiths, leaders, revolutionaries or birthing stewards, this is a big day! All of us do these tasks at one time or another and this just may be that time!
May the magic of expanded perception gift your life today–in unexpected ways, in soulful ways, and in self-loving ways.