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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Madonna - Express Yourself #1

AweYeaH! We Love all beings in creation and appreciate all artists alike. We fully understand that we are ALL equal. However, we must point out the obvious over and over for those who are still sitting on a fence. After countless hours of reviewing the body of work that Madonna has created over the years. We feel it is necessary to give credit when credit IS do.  We here by baptise our beloved angel as a trendsetter and a music phenomenon that has changed the world of music, art and activism forever and ever. Again all the music in the world  sounds the same, this includes wind chimes, guitar, pipes, drums, toning, chanting, maracas, the accordion, salsa, ranchera, and drag queen music or whatever. Therefore,  We much rather listen to you.  There might be hope for drag queen music... We will see.  Until then Express Yourself!