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Friday, September 7, 2012

Holographic Frontier excerpt by Quan Yin

‎"I call the main point of core data that became available "the holographic barrier" as it discusses methods through which adrenaline is used to have certain chemical (inorganic, unnatural) compounds cross the blood/brain barrier both in the head brain & the secondary intestine brain in order to create artificial neuro-synaptic pathways, thereby interfering with, and effectively altering, the course of thoughts, personalities, decisions and, ultimately, the target's perception of reality can be changed to accommodate for additions or abstractions to an otherwise natural and consciously occurring reality interaction. Adrenaline is the key because of its high-frequency attribute, which is due to its short-lived lifecycle inside of the dimensions of the human body, the circulatory system being a transport system of sorts to carry the necessary information between the different information zones (dimensions) of the body. Adrenaline's high-frequency n
ature makes it highly potent as a transdimensional biological carrier to bridge the blood/brain barrier and to install these new pathways in the brain. As a result, I postulate that adrenaline is not occurring naturally within the body's chemical production system but instead is stimulated into being using digital/fractal techniques that need to be studied and will be discussed separately. Adrenaline acts as the biological replica of what in other, more energetic states, is known as the tachyon particle. It is because of this reason that it is the only biological particle that can actually turn itself into a wave state and cross the body's dimensions. The reactive emotion of fear -physical, emotional or psychological- is the only trigger known to produce the short-lived adrenaline levels that only in higher amounts carry enough frequency -in weight and speed- to cross the dimensions of the human body. We must therefore abstain from the reactive emotion of fear at any time and reach for higher reasoning of the cerebral cortex, which fed by the pineal gland can produce the space of stillness, also on the physical level, required to exist, function, reason and operate as a transdimensional human being having reached beyond its own confines into the holographic nature that awaits us. This is the eschaton that our species reaches now: to move beyond the chemical-biological bridge into a trans-physical holo-dimensional zero-point field of harmonising, unifying field of consciousness, in practice and no longer in theory."

-- Quan Yin

(taken from: "The Holographic Frontier" lecture that will form, together with Fernando Vossa's work, the two-day symposium called "The Science of Mass Creation" to be presented in mid-October of 2012 in Rai, Amsterdam.