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Thursday, September 6, 2012

History of time travel

British author H.G. Wells publishes "The Time Machine."

Albert Einstein's special theory of relativity shows that space and time are relative, not absolute, and that time is actually a fourth dimension within what he calls "space-time."

Einstein discovers that space-time is curved.

Mathematician Kurt Goedel proposes that the universe itself may be a time machine.

Goedel demonstrates mathematically that pathways through time are possible.

U.S. physicist John Wheeler invents the name "black hole" to describe singularities in space and time.

Astrophysicist Frank Tipler plots paths around a vast, imaginary spinning cylinder, confirming that paths through time can exist.

Air Force scientist and engineer David Anderson proposes his time-warped field theory.

Caltech University's Kip Thorne suggests using wormholes as a possible means of time travel.

David Anderson extends time-warped field theory creating the worlds' first complete space-time model and virtual laboratory.

Richard Gott at Princeton University proves that cosmic strings could be used for time travel.

The Time Travel Research Center is formed by David Anderson.