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Friday, September 14, 2012

"Healing yourself through your Higher Self" through Michelle Manders.

"You need to consciously acknowledge the Beings assisting you at this time, for it is important that you begin to ground this energy within yourselves and realise that what you are working with is not a fantasy. It is not something that is created from your imagination. It is very real. Because you cannot physically see us, or because there is no tangible proof that we are about, does not mean we do not exist. What is real for you in what you can touch and can see is often illusion. Realise the truth of this. For most of that which is real for you - the chair that you sit upon, and the bed that you lie upon - are three-dimensional illusions. They are created by man and because it is created
 by man you accept it as part of your reality. But now we say to you it is time to go beyond that, to see beyond and begin to see with your heart; begin to see with your inner eye what is truly around you, what is truly assisting you at this time, for the time shall come when you shall realise that the material things around you cannot heal you or fulfil your souls desires. We love you all so dearly.

When you see beyond your three-dimensional reality, you will begin to see true love; the purity of love, for you are all in so much need of this. We are here to offer this to you. By allowing yourself to be healed, you allow yourself to be loved, for lack of love causes pain. Any part of you not being loved is in pain. It creates a disease, it creates discomfort, and illness. It is a negative energy within your body, for it is not being nurtured with love.

Be gentle with yourself. Hold yourself in love as we hold you in the love. When you look into your eyes each day, see the love. Do not see your faults; do not see the imperfections. See all of that which is right with you. Allow yourself to focus upon the rights and the beauties within you, for then you are not feeding the imbalances or negativities which lie within you. For as you see yourself, so will others see you if that is all you focus upon. So, see yourself as you wish yourself to be, for you are that. Remember - your physical body is not permanent. It is what is inside that is permanent. Your soul; the light that shines, is who you are, and that is what you need to show the world." Excerpt

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