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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Swami Amar Jyoti Satsangs

When you come to the unalloyed Truth you will love
 in spite of any differences around you.

THERE IS NO GREATER RELIGION than Truth. Be on Truth and deceive yourself no longer. This will make you peaceful, joyful and blissful. Truth is God. Truth is Knowledge. Truth is Light. Hold on to this principle at any cost. If not, be among those billions of souls who enter through birth and exit through death--in between, a few movies, rock and roll and entertainments. But if you want to discover the purpose of life, if you want to exist with total consciousness, be on the principle of Truth.

This may sound like spirituality but I am talking about life. Life without Truth has no meaning. The two go together because Truth is Absolute Existence.

Truth is the life-giving nectar and it is for all, not just swamis, holy people or disciples. Truth supports life; it fulfills rather than destroys. The thoughts, words and actions of those who are truthful will yield full fruit. Untruth yields weakness and confusion; whatever stands on it will be destroyed. 

When you accept the Truth, what are you really doing? You are purifying your heart, simplifying, and then Truth comes in. And what is Truth? You have to find out. There is no one definition. 

If you really want to be free from dogmatism, discover Truth for yourself. It is not just believing; that is what makes for dogmatism. Anyone telling you what Truth is, is just telling you its attributes, giving an indirect description. You have to realize it, to open the door and meet your Lord. The way to Truth is through your heart, not through your mind. Just be truthful and openhearted. Truth is simple. It is not how you express it but how you live it. 

When you live the Truth you will not find much to differ with others, and even if you do differ you will be loving, respecting their ideas. When you come to the unalloyed Truth you will love in spite of any differences around you.

Stand on Truth and you will find fulfillment and know how to love. Do not sacrifice Truth in order to please someone. A relationship that does not exist upon Truth will frustrate both parties. Such patchwork will not last. If you want to love your parents, your children and your friends, be truthful. The greatest service you can do to any relationship is to base it upon Truth. 

If you are truthful you have performed the greatest charity. A truthful person cannot be uncharitable, for such a person has given the greatest part of himself or herself. You cannot be truthful with the ego intact--untruth is the refuge for what is untrue, namely ego. If you stand on this principle of Truth, relationships will not be lost but rather fulfilled. Truth and love live together. The more truthful and honest you are, the more loving you will become. Be truthful not merely with others but foremost with your own self.
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Excerpted from

The Light That Awakens:
A Guidebook to Higher Consciousness
by Swami Amar Jyoti

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We Are All Connected
 We owe so much to the earth and all these elements, so we should not pollute them. We cannot just live separately. It is the law of nature. If we take care of a thing, it takes care of us.
EARTH IS A CREATURE, a body, and we are on it. How can it be only stone and mud and dust? Have we not bacteria, germs and various living things inside us? It is the same with the earth. When the earth shakes in an earthquake, we have no power. In seconds, thousands of people fall dead. If she quivers a little, her children are squeezed. We are born out of the earth and sun, water, fire, air and ether. We are the product of it. We owe so much to the earth and all these elements, so we should not pollute them. If we pollute any of these, it will poison us. We cannot just live separately. It is the law of nature. If we take care of a thing, it takes care of us. If we spoil something, it will spoil us. And then you say the world is bad, miserable. You have made it so. Earth is heaven. Keep everything purified and it will keep you purified.
Supposing they explode atom bombs under the sea. They say, "We are experimenting," but they are polluting. The earth takes the reaction and the results will make us suffer. Somewhere else an earthquake will happen that will kill thousands of people. Somewhere else a sea storm will come. Things happen that way. Earth is a soul, which we call prakriti. Each thing has a soul. In this great science, which you call primitive, the very basic laws are known to the yogis that otherwise are enigmatic, which geology or physiology cannot solve. Any one branch of knowledge cannot solve this because it is not a homogeneous view. You have to take the total Being.
Let's suppose you go to a doctor when you are diseased or ill. The doctor says this is cancer or diabetes or high blood pressure or asthma or something else. He takes that one portion of your body and treats it. Perhaps it will be okay, but then that is why often we do not become healthy, because he does not take the homogeneous whole body. When you go to a psychiatrist, he sees you from a particular angle. That is not the solution. You have to take the whole personality, the whole body, mind and soul together to give a cure. When you understand this basic law of existence, your life will be sublime, blissful, peaceful and Liberated.
We have to take this homogeneous view because otherwise we are forgetting God. A psychologist thinks, "My psychology will cure you." Does he or she remember to bring God in between? The scientist who discovers the laws of nature is simply discovering the laws of nature; he is not inventing or creating them. Any time we are going through one faculty only, we are forgetting God. When we bring God into the understanding, we are taking all the faculties together, everything. Your own aspirations, your desires and subconscious mind--everything has to be taken together in order to regenerate, to bring peace, joy, knowledge and Liberation. You have to be sublime, pure, harmless, nonpolluting, peaceful, charitable, patient, enduring, tolerant, and so on. Then your total being gets transformed.

We are all connected with everything around us--the earth, the planets. We are not separate. If we understand this we will behave so that harmony remains. "Change yourself; the world is changed." This is a famous aphorism. But if you do not change and the whole world changes, still you will be the same. These basic laws are eternal.
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