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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Communications, Healing, Awakening, Breakthrough Blessing Day! by Azlan White

SUN SEXTILES MOON this morning at 6:11 am, pdt, then goes into the VOID between Scorpio and Sagittarius. From the VOID, MOON moves into Sagittarius at 9:34 am, pdt. While in the VOID, MERCURY makes a 150 degree INCONJUNCT with Wounded Healer CHIRON, providing a deep unsettling call from within to take action to bring balance in the realm of communications and healing.
MOON SQUARES NEPTUNE at 11:18 am, pdt from Sagittarius (mutable fire) to Pisces (mutable water) giving us the potential for confusion, fluidity, overwhelm, and spiritual work cut out for us.
MERCURY OPPOSITE URANUS and SQUARE PLUTO at 3:23 pm and 4:21 pm, pdt puts our Communicator Planet, MERCURY, directly in touch with our AWAKENING CAULDRON of 2011-2016. We just had the second in seven PLUTO URANUS SQUARE’s on Tuesday, and today MERCURY will broadcast, to ourselves and the world, what this really means for us (now).  The work we have today, may be communications work. It is our job to listen and respond to our personal Creator-made Awakening Cauldron.
VENUS SEXTILES JUPITER at 8:45 this evening for a blessing of love, gratitude, generosity, gifting and Grandfather light-heart. MOON TRINE URANUS at 9:06 pm, pdt is a reminder that we didn’t have to “steal fire from the Gods,” the creator gave us fire, it was a gift, given freely. We can live in this world of gifting and abundant flow–especially tonight.
MOON TRINE URANUS at 9:06 pm, pdt offers sanctity in insanity, or comfort in chaos, or humor within change, or awakening within our home. We really can enjoy the awakening.
MOON SEXTILE MERCURY at 9:53 pm, pdt gifts us with an ability to integrate, process and find solutions for all the things in our lives that bring us stress, tension and the feeling of things unresolved. Tonight is a night for resolution wherever it is needed. We have the power within us to resolve anything unresolved–with our attention, prayer and alchemy.
Today is a day–not for average human’s–for it is tricky–rather it is a day for masters and magicians. We are here to be clear and work effectively with challenges. May we be magicians today. May we clear the way with our choiceful focus of intention, in the face of waves of confusion and chaos.