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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Atlantis Myth & Legend The Mystery Schools of Atlantis, Atlantean Technology


The times of Atlantis myth & legend and Atlantean technology was a time called RETURNING OF THE GODS. Eons ago, BROTHERS from outer space from the spiritual guidance of the MASTERS OF WISDOM, Creators of the Universe came to Earth. They chose Atlantis to be their home and create Mystery Schools of Atlantis. The Atlantic task and Atlantean way was to prepare EARTH for higher forms of a BIOLOGICAL LIFE and reincarnate souls from an ATOMIC explosion. This explosion shattered planets such as MALONA and LUCIFER which are located between Jupiter and Mars. These Higher Beings knew the code to CREATION. The continent of Atlantis was to be the place of soul awakening to Absolute Empowerment. This would be done with Atlantean crystals, Atlantis myths and ancient Atlantis wisdom.
These Atlantean beings would incarnate at specific galactic times of Earth, in patterns of the next evolutionary process. These include Egypt, Medieval, Mayan, Atlantis and Lemuria. They specifically were here to raise the consciousness of the planet. They chose these times to learn all realms and experiences until they reached COMPLETION and Absolute Empowerment.
A city was developed in Atlantis known in the bible as THE GARDEN OF EDEN. (As we know these myths continue today.) All races came to the great city including those from the Galactic Federation. The intention was to build a super BIOLOGICAL RACE. The beings donated their genetic material to help grow the consciousness and build a BIOLOGICAL GENESIS – a rebirth or new beginning. This Atlantic technology came from the Book of Knowledge or Atlantis Book.
Atlantis Myth & Legend Map
Atlantis Myth & Legend
Map of Atlantis
Atlantis Myth & Legend Genetic
Earth was chosen to create humans (hu-mans) and to diversify all POLARITIES and DUALITIES. This area was to be known as Atlantis. So many of the incarnated Extraterrestrial beings found it difficult to integrate in to other STAR beings due to the different frequencies and vibrations. The idea of genetic modifying was to create a new form of being so as to have a ONENESS. It was crucial to bring souls in to a UNIVERSAL body type. (This is occurring again and the meaning of the Mayan Calendar)
The Galactic Federation, the Melchezadick order and the Brothers of Light descended to Atlantis to introduce a new type of being and genesis of earth. As these beings came in, the humans on Earth saw them as GODS. Hence why in ancient times they made images, carvings and drawings of Gods on artwork, stone and leather carvings.
In the lost city, using Atlantean crystals, work commenced very quickly in the genetic modifying of souls and bodies to create this new Being. The reincarnations of animal like humans, such as the cave man, were genetically modified. The creation of this human being developed quickly. This work commenced in Atlantis and then continued with Pythagoras, Leonardo da Vinci and the early Churches of autopsies, and even today of the 21st Century with seedless watermelon and Dolly the Sheep.
The genetic modifying of the Mystery Schools of Atlantis included working on DNA, brain expansion and ascension. The Atlantean crystal recently heard of called the ‘Atlantis skull’ was a representation of the psychic surgery and brain awakening done using Atlantic technology within the Mystery Schools. The Atlantic City was the place for creation of new beings and that included animals which are still alive today such as the Australian platypus and kangaroo. These are actual replicas living here now in the 21st century of genetic modifying from the Atlantis Myths and Atlantis legends.
Atlantis Myth & Legend Star Of David
Leonardo da Vinci – Star of David is showing modern day wisdom from Atlantis
Souls from Malona, Lucifer, Venus and Mars who already from past times have gone through cycles of incarnations and CREATION were now able to reincarnate here on Earth in Atlantis in order to obtain completion. From that time, two types of humans inhabited earth. They were IMMORTAL & ETHERIC Beings and the MORTAL beings, which purified themselves through reincarnation and ascension through the dimensional work taught by the God like beings.  This was the consciousness of the Mystery Schools and teachings of Atlantean ancients using crystals.
In accordance of the Universal plan, the civilisation grew and fell over many years. Different beings came to the Lost city with different shaped eyes, colour, race and language. The Guardians of Evolution at that time, now called Angels took the power of this transformation in to their own hands. Some of the Keepers of knowledge of this time or Fallen Angels were very aware how beautiful and divine these new forms of creations had become. Some of the extraterrestrials became tempted by the beauty of these newly created beings.  Some of the extraterrestrials also became a beautiful by product of this genetic modifying and got caught up in the wrath of EGO and separate mind. They were tempted with the gifts being offered including woman and children. The city was now experiencing Emissaries of Light giving in to the temptation – again described in the bible. Some even produced children with the earth bound of Atlantis. This was forbidden by the ELOHIM. From that time the fallen Angels had to give up their status of impartiality and immortality. Atlantis was the undoing of themselves. These beings were banished from inside of this  Garden of Eden. Once this occurred they lost their youth and androgyny. This was the first signs of SEPARATION from the Universal mind or UM. It is now repeated as HELL in the ancient books such as the Torah and Bible. The once beautiful had now transformed to become HELL for these beings.
The Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel – forgetting who He is
The term "demigod", meaning "half-god", is used to describe mythological figures whose one parent was a god and whose other parent was human. These demigods were not of the fallen angels whom forgot themselves but beings whom maintained their memory of truth – Absolute Love and Empowerment.   The demigods understood true healing using both the physical and metaphysical realm integrated. They used their energy body such as chakras for ascension and connection on a conscious level. These beings had a magnetism which drew people to them. The healing they did was through an extremely high vibration such as clairvoyance, Atlantic crystals, Atlantis technology, Atlantean psychic surgery and DNA modifying and more.
??These souls also had a knowledge of sophisticated technology rested in their subconscious brain. This was not heard of before Atlantis. They were to bring this information through as required and could tap in to their ‘sleeping brain’ whenever they wanted. This was the ancient crystal skull of Atlantis seen today. Atlantis was the commencement of the Golden age of combining the ancient spiritual and modern technology together. Today these beings are known now as Star andCrystal children. These were the beings to bring the next evolutionary stepascension and work withKundalini.
Atlantis High Priestess at The Atlantic Mystery School
Atlantis Myth & LegendAtlantis High Priestess at The Atlantic Mystery School
The Prophets or the High Priestess were the ‘fallen’ GODS. All of this was the Creators plan. These souls volunteered to provide a pathway commencing in Atlantis. They were the ‘way giver’ or Emissaries of Light to get human consciousness to return to ABSOLUTE EMPOWERMENT - LOVE. The energies of Atlantis were to return man to the original Creator force, God. These teachings are integrated now in the Millennium Modality™ through Millennium Education and are a manifestation of Atlantis in the new world – 2013 and Beyond.
As the humans of Atlantis chose to live their life with the wholeness and harmony by living in their heart, it opened the doors to higher perception. The Universe offers the TRUTH of life through the Divine Inspiration. The result would have been GLOBALISATION and personal development. This was why Atlantis was created – to transport beings to the omnipresent and divinity, using crystals, genetic modifying, sacred geometry and the 8 point merkaba.
In Atlantis the 4th dimension) with people living in to their hundreds. Healing was to make whole and complete and those of Atlantis knew they were the manifestation of the genesis and pure potentiality and possibility. based race who had reached its completion of learning knew what was about to happen. Some of these divinely inspired beings and scientists (Star children) worked together in harmony with the Akashic records. Power and LOVE were united. Humans did not have an EGO separate from the higher SELF. There was not status or cast system – all was equal. All illnesses were ‘curable’ (Millennium Modality – Medical Intuitive
There was contact with other realms from other planets, Universes and life forms. The humans of Atlantis understood that planet Earth was a biological being such as themselves. They knew the quantum physics of energy/matter foundations that we were all ONE.
The main important key was that the humans of Atlantis did not know OWNERSHIP or EGOISM. There was no drama, as on earth today, no crisis and definitely NO victim mentality as we have here on Earth in the 3rd dimension.
Atlantis Myth & Legend
Atlantis Myth & Legend

The Atlantis beings kept their planetary body, the earth and surrounds pure and clean. They understood they only had one Earth. In Atlantis it was forbidden to market the earth’s resources such as water, air, and elements. Everybody had an innate understanding that every thing was theirs but yet they owned nothing. In Atlantis you understood you had everything you needed. There was no class distinction or segregation, no rich or poor, no bad or good. Life was about giving and giving with abundance. The humans of Atlantis did not know LABOUR rather they contributed joyfully knowing it was team work and unity. Each individual of was encouraged to use their talents and gifts.
Atlantis Mystery School

Atlantis Myth & Legend
Atlantis Mystery School
The Masters of the Atlantis times were taught the basic universal laws such as the five elements; weather, seasons, crystals and healing. There was an understanding that nothing was separate and everything in life, Atlantis, Earth, universe was the GOD or ABSOLUTE. They understood that they were the materialisation and manifestation of GOD. Their task or purpose was to awaken that with in others of Atlantis and more. The Mystery Schools of Atlantis were one of many including Egypt, Mayan and Medieval days. These were the teachings of GOD / human consciousness. In Atlantis, no one prayed to a separate GOD. Everything was a unity and omnipresent. (This is the teachings of theMillennium Modality– Medical Intuition Modules I – IV)
Part of the Atlantean technologies and teachings were working with the sacred geometry symbol of the 8 Point Merkaba. The Merkaba activation is for deep spiritual growth and ascension. It balances chakras for the awakened state of being. It leads in to whole brain synchronisation – uses left and right brain equally. For the human body, this activation or Kundalini rising is an awaken to self realisation of the creator force within.
The Atlantean 8 Point Merkaba
The Atlantean 8 Point Merkaba
Those in Atlantis knew they were here to experience life as a human and have many and varied life experiences to become whole again. The expansion in to consciousness and connection to the ABSOLUTE EMPOWERMENT was a cycle called the OMEGA. This was a teaching from the Mystery School of Atlantis. (This is now taught in the Millennium Education Courses) This symbol is still used in Christian Churches.
The Omega Symbol
The Omega Symbol

Atlantis was anchored in the 4th the dimension and had risen from the 2nd dimension. The 4thdimension is of harmony and working from ABSOLUTE LOVE / heart. The High Priestess of Atlantis understood that the human race needed to descend to the 3rd dimension so as to forget the divine ABSOLUTE and to live through so called dark ages. In the 3rd dimension the human race was built on ‘will power’ and the origin of EGO – the opposite of Atlantis knowledge.
The Separate Ego Mind

The Separate Ego Mind

The 3rd dimension was induced by a polar shift, as has been stated in the Mayan wisdom and teachings. The entire continent sank in an oceanic catastrophe. Before this occurred, the Masters of Knowledge brought forth the secrets of CREATION and placed them in to pyramid shaped buildings. These buildings were built with mathematical procession using no nails or architectural drawings. In Atlantis, the universal language of sound vibration was used. It was also used in Lemuria. This language will reappear when the human race commences to return to the 4th dimension but also the5th dimension of purification and communication. This is the ending of the world as we know it in the next Millennium – 1999 to 2999. Then it shall be deciphered to recreate the connection to GOD again as known in Atlantis.
These Masters and Teachers of Atlantis and Atlantean technology were sent to safer lands. There they had specific chosen ones in which they would teach the ways of how to return to heart and the code to CREATION. Usually these chosen ones were the children of the Masters, known as Awakened Childrenor Psychic Awakened Children These Masters were the LIGHT bearers, keepers of knowledge or Avatars. They knew that this knowledge would be forgotten over time and yet recorded in books such as the bible, Book of Enoch, Mayan Calendar and more. (The teachings of this ancient wisdom are taught within Millennium Education Courses).
These high Priestess Masters prophesied that they would return after humanity had lived through the dark ages. It was crucial for the next evolutionary step of humans and the universe to redefine it self as discussed in the genesis – bring in a rebirth of a new way of being. This was all part of the divine plan, the mathematical code to return to GOD and the ABSOLUTE EMPOWERMENT.
Once this Absolute Empowerment, wisdom and love returned and reunited, the High Priestess would return in a more human like form of a humble nature to establish schools of wisdom known asMILLENNIUM EDUCATION. These ancient humble Masters in Atlantean times were able to project gold light from their hands and recreate instant awakenings with the brain to God realisation.
Golden One

High Priestess / Golden One with instant Brain Awakenings

At the same time as this was occurring, some of the Extraterrestrials returned to Pleiades and Venus. This was to gather more information about the God consciousness and redefine it or make it morepalatable for the ever evolving human being, which had to now go backwards in dimensions to reinvent itself. Other ET forms went to the hidden parts of the Earth crust known as Shambala Eden.
Scared Geometry of Shambala

Scared Geometry of Shambala

THE DOWN FALL OF ATLANTIS – The Lost City of Atlantis
With the Wise Ones knowing that Atlantis was about to have its down fall, pyramid like structures were built by ET called Pleaidians. These were used to communicate with higher worlds. Divine Scientists (Star Children) used sacred sounds to obtain the original sound of ABSOLUTE EMPOWERMENT. This vibration was working from the 12th dimension and beyond.
The other beings that understood this sound language are the known dolphins, whales and turtles. These animals worked succinctly with the ABSOLUTE knowledge and sang music of the heart and awakening. Still to this day, many 21st century humans will express how they have a ‘spiritual experience’ when having been around dolphins, whales or turtles. At present we find these animals beaching themselves or in human language ‘suiciding’ as they are picking up the vibration of earth and humans where many people are suiciding and not ready for their awakening of heart and absolute consciousness. In the next few years these animals will ‘disappear’ for about 20 years whilst humans go through a dark age again and then connect with the 4th dimension again.
If looking at a turtles shell, you will notice it always has 13 segments – this is the number relating it to sacred geometry from the Millennium Modality (Medical Intuition) that is the code to God. The turtle’s shell has a code imprinted. Having a look at the turtle head, its shape, mouth, eyes and features, you will see that it is definitely an extraterrestrial from another planet here on Earth, as described in Atlantis.
The 13 partitions of a turtle shell
The 13 partitions of a turtle shell

Atlantis was about to enter devastation. Scientists and the High Priestess of those times were working together in unity to bring forth the GENESIS. They worked from the heart space to teach the mysteries of ABSOLUTE EMPOWERMENT. However there were some of these beings that had not completed the soul awakenings and healing process, known as the ‘Incomplete Ones’. They commenced to delve in to the world of SEPARATION, will power and the dark ages. They were tempted by the earthly lessons of the 3rd dimension. They attached themselves to materialism, selfish desires, possessions, authority and separation from the ABSOLUTE. From this time the Earth increased in its separate mind, living hell and growing the ego ways. Earth and all those whom inhabited it became separate from knowledge, language, belief and more divided. Polarity, individuality, duality and separateness commenced and began to reign. There now became SELF APPOINTED Leaders. This was very apparent in the Churches and Government and still occurs in the 21st Century.
These Spiritual leaders kept the knowledge to themselves. The human race perceived them to be GOD-LIKE and worshipped them. Offerings of all sorts were given to appease and please these self appointed leaders. This included money, children, sex, possessions and more. The saying ‘Knowledge is power’ is from these times of destruction of Atlantis.
When knowledge was withheld the spiritual side went in to ‘darkness’, illusion and fear. Power struggles occurred. These struggles were external between people but also within the duality consciousness of separate minds from the UM or Universal Mind (Taught in Module IV Millennium Modality). Scientists, originally used for the creator force were now used for unloving techniques rather than LOVE and UNITY. This brought Atlantis down. A gravitational bomb was created to blow up Atlantis. This was initiated by Lemurians as Atlantis was a colony of Lemuria created for the new genesis. This occurred for 30,000 years where it changed the polarity of Earth. Floods washed away these ‘high’ cities such as Egypt, South America and India. Again these floods are to return again and will be in the form of Emotional upheaval rather than physical floods.
Ancient knowledge was taken to Egypt. The Pharaohs were the incarnate of those past God like beings. The ancient teachings were written down and attempted to awaken the consciousness again to humans. This information included Kundalini, the Ankh, sacred geometry and ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE. This all relates to the symbol of the cadeuses.
Kundalini Rising and Cadeuses
The Stairway to Heaven – Kundalini Rising and Cadeuses

The survivors of Atlantis are reincarnated now in the 21st century to bring harmony from the third dimension to the 4th and 5th dimensions. They are creating schools and education, such as
Millennium Education Pty Ltd to help humans to heal and make whole again so as to complete a journey to the Golden Age of UTOPIA. They are here to end duality, separation, individuality so as to live a conscious life of a Oneness. This is returning to ABSOLUTE EMPOWERMENT (love).
These new Golden Ones, Avatars or reincarnate demigods are teachers of light/love. They will help to change the material based culture to knowing that nothing really matters. They will help with power struggles, dictatorship, financial power and segregation to understand that this is all an illusion. The teachings from past will integrate Emotional care, from EGO to Higher Self and the understanding we are all ONE with no SEPARATION. This has already commenced. Humanity will eventually with the next evolutionary step will come to a form of completion. The new AVATAR/GOLDEN ONE is a group consciousness of ascension. It is the Age of Aquarius. They will help humans redefine themselves and understand we are all one. 
Golden One

Are you a Golden One?

Atlantis Myth & Legend ©- Article By: Jean Sheehan, Millennium Education & Absolute Empowerment
Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast , Queensland, Australia