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Saturday, September 29, 2012

3 short clips featuring the 36 tone subset of the 81 Lo Shu Tones-sound spirals

Kymotropic analyses of sinewave studies utilizing several harmonic ratios within the 36 tone subset of the 81 Lo Shu Tones.  These experimental sound sketches represent preliminary studies for future compositions:Sound is commonly displayed as a wave on a 2-dimensional X-Y axis, a snaking path that portrays vibration propagating over time:

What isn’t as obvious is the space it embodies. 
 Sound, like the rest of our perceived, physical reality 
encompasses a 3-dimensional space. 
 Sound travels around the X-axis, tunneling itself through time, 
like avortex or a helix:

Sound spirals.  
When a saxophone, or any other wind instrument is played, 
a whirlwind is created within the cavity of the instrument.  
Moreover, a microphone transforms sound into an 
electric current that also oscillates.
“We all imagine the sun sitting in space with the planets
 revolving around it in orderly ellipses and circles.
 Yet in reality the sun moves a tremendous distance—
three quarters of a million kilometers each day; 
the sun moves rapidly through time and space as the 
planets moving around it create a series of harmonic spirals.”-A.T. Mann
M.C. Escher‘s imploding toroidal spiral: