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Friday, August 10, 2012

‎"We came to the Earth plane millions of years ago as a human family of souls by Casey Spicer

‎"We came to the Earth plane millions of years ago as a human family of souls.
Our purpose was to combine Spirit with matter and form a sacred bridge between God and the material world. This would create heaven on Earth.
It seems we were faced with two challenges: To bring God-Light vibrations to this plane of existence and appreciate its wonders, but not get attached to it or caught up in its physical ways.
Sadly, we lost our way and our God-centeredness by over-identifying with the material pleasures that are a part of planet Earth's 3-dimensional existence.
As a consequence, our original bodies of Light lost their spirit form, and we became physical man and physical woman.
As angelic spirits of the universe, our consciousness was always centered on our Source, our Creator.
In this state, we were always enlightened.
It was our natural way of being and still is. But we have forgotten that.
As we lost our way on this planet over the ages and attached more and more to the material world, our God-centeredness was forgotten as well.
We became self-centered, selfish, greedy, fearful, and less loving.
We found ourselves consumed by the need for self-gratification. There were so many material comforts and pleasures to choose from.
That is what our separate self (ego) is still focused on all of the time.
That is why we are separated from ourselves as a family of souls, and from God.
That is why we struggle and survive. That is why we have pain and suffering. This is the cause of all problems on Earth.
We are no longer enlightened.

How do we become enlightened?
We must retrace the steps that got us here in the first place.
That means we must end our self-gratification, selfishness, greed, and fearful ways.
We must become unselfish love as we were before the Fall.
We will not leave this planet until that happens.
We'll just keep going round and round on the wheel of reincarnation, life after life, death after death until we become enlightened once again.
As we make progress along the path of spiritual growth, we will taste and experience enlightenment in small ways.
It will encourage us to go on because the path is difficult, but not impossible.
Others have walked it before us and for us.
We can gain on it day after day, year after year, lifetime after lifetime.
Closer and closer we will get to enlightenment.
If you are reading these words, chances are you have already begun the inner journey, and sense where your real Home is.
Gandhi had it right. We must, he said "reduce ourselves to zero." At that point self-gratification dies, the influence of the ego is minimal, and we live to serve others with unselfish love.
It became his life, and a young man filled with fear and anger killed him for it.
Mother Teresa did the same. She lived a life of service and unselfish love.
Christ and Buddha taught us so well. They too were killed for living their truth and being unconditional love.
As a spiritual warrior, Martin Luther King did the same. Those with fear took his life.
Pope John Paul I wanted the church to give up its wealth and riches, to be a living example of Jesus' teachings by serving humanity, especially the poor and sick. They killed him too.
As we try to emulate these courageous Messengers from God, we'll begin to lose our self-centeredness and our fears.
The ego will gradually lose its influence over our choices as we become unselfish love.
Eventually, we reestablish our God-centeredness.
Then we are ONE with All That Is, as it was in the beginning.
Then we are finally enlightened once again.
We've simply forgotten who we really are."