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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Truth Game: Everyone is equal- 4 real #Truth

I got your message. Thank you for patience! I have been here all along. 
Worshiping and giving your power away is no longer required.
I understand that due to the various ways of beings that govern the 3 dimensional reality that you agreed to be part of as a co-creator. You have develop an addiction to worshiping: gurus, technology,  images, statues, mandalas, celebrities, and other people that you think are more awesome than you.  I know it feels great to give your power away and feel separate. However at this point you have mastered separation. Please understand that most if not all the divine messages and scriptures have been distorted, hidden or lost in translation. I am not pointing fingers or placing blame on any of you. You know who you are.  More over,  Just because I have been known to be the leader of all the gods in ancient egypt.  I did not intend to be worshiped. Trust me beloved telling me that I am cool  and asking for my help is counter productive considering that you were told by Christ, Buddha and many others to go With In, LUV your Planet,  and  LUV one another.  I simply do not know what else to tell you because everything has been written and said. 

We are equal. We are all ONE. 

FYI, War between Iran and Israel.. not a great idea.