Finally something we can is guided by the knowledge that the Origin of All life is Lov. We believe that respecting and taking care of our home planet 'earth' keeps us safe and healthy. New is dedicated to all men and women who have been persecuted or murdered because of their sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, race, age, gender, martial status, disability, or HIV infection. We loves god very very much.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Venus Project - Future By Design - Full documentary- You be the Judge We are here To Tell ALL SIDES of this  Radical shift.We like all the cool futuristic buildings, and the the well manicured landscapes around them.  We would like to see more organic habitats if possible. We would also like to see more animals, insects and plants included in your models.  Based on reviewing your proposal and all the cool content that you have produced over the years. We do not see why we cannot have a resource based economy that takes care of all the world's people. Apparently, money does grow on trees because it is made of paper and we like to preserve our forest now more than ever. We are also delighted to inform you that there are millions of people in this world that are naive enough to believe in change. So, you are not alone. All the proposals that have been submitted on how to become a more luvin and peaceful society are being  carefully reviewed by our world's elected officials as we speak . We embrace a society of people who actually understands that we all come from LUV... 4Real. We lUV our planet very much.  We will you keep you posted.  After all, Some things are worth living for.
You seem to LUV mother earth very much. Mother earth LUVS you. #NAIVE#GAIALOVER#EVOLVING#1