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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The time of the GURU is OVER! Little Grandmother & Solara An-Ra - STEPPING INTO YOUR POWER!

Thank you for everything.

In this interview with Little Grandmother in Glastonbury we talk about the basic principles behind 'stepping into your power'. Power in this sense has nothing to do with power OVER any other person or thing -- when you are 'in your power' you feel confident, happy and you have a sense of purpose! To achieve this: -

• Let go of fear -- fear of the unknown, fear of the future, fear of anyone controlling you, fear of being a powerful, dynamic Warrior of Light! Step through the fear and the monster pops like a balloon Michelin-man!
• Trust that you are able to FEEL from your gut when something or someone is of the Light or not -- your discernment is a natural gift and ability you are born with. Keisha says that when you FEEL GOOD it is a sign that you are more connec ted with your Higher Self :)
• Love yourself! Accept yourself as you are, right here, right now -- not WHEN you have changed, achieved more, etc. Place no conditions on loving yourself!
• Choose to be OF SERVICE to your human & animal tribe and your planet -- in whatever way, small or large -- trust that simply having that intention is sufficient to activate your path of Light!
• CHOOSE what you focus on, so as to bring more love, joy and peace into your life. What you focus on is what you get more of -- if you want to be well, focus on what is working well in your body, with gratitude - not on what is painful. Focus on beauty, love, good friends, all the blessings you already have.
• Stop watching the news! You are NOT being 'irresponsible' in choosing not to keep up with the daily disaster report -- unless it is actually your Light mission to bring Light into politics or to physically go help in disaster-struck areas of the world! OR, as Little Grandmother suggests, educate yourself about what's happening -- and then send love to a negative situation, rather than staying in grief about it.