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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Super Conscious Mind (Universal Consciousness) - The Super Conscious Mind Makes ALL Things Which Can Be Conceived Within "Individual Consciousness" A Reality In The Physical World. What Are YOU Creating?

Now that you've been introduced to and explored the individual aspects of mind, both the conscious mindand the subconscious mind , as well as the collective consciousness that is comprised of the entire worlds population, let's delve a little deeper and discover how and why these individual as well as the collective aspects of mind have the ability to tune into and harmonize with the "Super-Conscious" aspect of mind (The Source) and create the various events, conditions and circumstances in physical form that we call "reality."
We'll also be exploring and discovering why it is so important to become consciously aware of your individual quality of consciousness which you could say is of a "spiritual nature" and how it transmutes into your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions which are of a more physical nature.
Once finished you'll have a far deeper than average understanding as well as a greatly enhanced ability to begin attracting and manifesting desired results in your life intentionally and EVERY aspect of your life.
Let's begin by taking a deeper look at the Super Conscious Mind and how this Super Conscious Mind determines our individual realities.

The Wonder and Awe Of The Super Conscious Mind

The Super-Conscious Mind is the aspect of consciousness which is limitless or "Infinite" in nature and which depending on any number of infinite possibilities concerning what you have been taught to believe with regard to what the Super Conscious is, is known and has been labeled by man as many things.
Just a small sampling of these "man made" labels are God, Brahman, Supreme Energy, Source, Universe, Universal Intelligence, Higher Power, etc. etc.
You might also say that The Super Conscious Mind is what comprises the Kingdom.
The scientific community refers to the Super-Conscious Mind as the field or in some cases "The Unified Field."
What you may choose to call he/she/it is of no consequence. When any of these avenues are looked at, explored and studied from a deep perspective, the path inevitably leads back to the same Ultimate Source. For the sake of our description we'll refer to this Ultimate Source as Super Consciousness, or the Super-Conscious Mind but feel free to replace this description with one that you personally feel comfortable with.
This Super Consciousness holds within itself the potential for any conceivable outcome, both of which we "perceive" as "Good" as well as those things we perceive as "Bad" and everything in between.
This Super-Conscious Mind exists as an infinite field of potential which knows no boundaries or limitations. Within itself it contains EVERY probability, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small. It encompasses ALL things from the macroscopic to the microscopic and beyond. It comprises all things physical and those that are non physical.
Additional descriptions of this Super Consciousness are The Alpha, The Omega, The Beginning, The End. The All in All. The I Am.
The Super Conscious Mind is all pervasive. It is within everything and exists everywhere. You could say that it is an Infinite Field of Potential without borders or restriction.
Within this "Infinite Field Of Potential" exists and is stored anything that has ever happened or been created in the past, everything which is currently being created, or whatever may be created at some point in the future. You could say that this Super Consciousness or Super-Conscious Mind is omniscient and omnipresent. It encompasses ALL things, all probabilities both the seen as well as the unseen.
Within this Infinite field of consciousness exists any and every conceivable outcome. From a strictly physical perspective, meaning the existence of anything that currently exists as "physical" which can be experienced with the limitations of the 5 physical senses, within this Infinite field of possibility and potential exists the material things such as houses of all shapes and sizes ranging from shacks to multi-billion dollar mansions. Within it exists the Lamborghini's to the rust bucket jalopies. From rags to the finest linens in the world.
The Super Conscious Mind also consists of the "intangible" or things that are of a "spiritual nature."
The possibilities are literally "Infinite" in nature. There is nothing that doesn't already exist within it as a probability meaning that if it can be idealized and conceptualized in mind, regardless of the "perceived" enormity, it does already exist as a probability and once conceptualized, the process which makes it "real" is initiated.
Whatever can be conceived in mind as an ideal and held as a focused and intentional thought and harmonized with action will and must manifest itself in physical form REGARDLESS of what it might be. Whatever can be conceptualized in mind whether physical or otherwise already exists within the Super-Conscious mind as an already existing fact, and only requires the correct and consistent focus of consciousness whether individually or collectively to make it a physical reality.
On the emotional side the Super-Conscious Mind contains every conceivable feeling and emotion such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control as well as fear, doubt, worry, sadness, turmoil, anger, greed, etc. etc. Whichever of these that YOU choose to experience and place consistent focus on through your individual consciousness will manifest and be experienced in physical form.
Now the Super-Conscious mind also consists of you, your family, your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers. Since this Super-Conscious mind is the "ALL in ALL" of everything conceivable, to fully grasp what He/She/It is, it's necessary to understand that ALL things whether seen or unseen broken down into their most basic and purest form are at their core comprised of pure energy or light. (See The Law of Vibration)Since this Super Conscious Mind and everything within it are made of this same stuff...this energy or light (consciousness) which exists as and consists of a vibrating mass of energy which serves as the fundamental building blocks for every conceivable outcome into infinity, YOU, more specifically your consciousness also exists within and is an integral part of the Super-Conscious Mind.
In other words, your individual consciousness exists within and is an integral part of the Whole which we're referring to as The Super Conscious Mind. Your conscious and subconscious mind as well as the collective consciousness is infused with and an integral part of this same Super-Conscious mind.
As such your "Individual Consciousness", your ability to think and reason also exists within the "Super Consciousness." Your individual consciousness which is differentiated only by your inalienable right of free will and your right to choose your individual quality of consciousness which determines your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions is the "Only" thing that differentiates you and the Super Conscious Mind.
Put more simply, your individual ability to think, feel and act in ways that YOU choose individually is what determines precisely what you are choosing to draw from the "Super-Conscious Mind." It's this choice that determines each of the events, conditions and circumstances in your life and collectively make up your life experience.
In other words you exist as an individual yet an integral part of the Whole (The Super-Conscious Mind) who has been provided the inalienable right of free will to choose for yourself what it is that you will draw from this "Infinite Field Of Potentiality."
How do you make this choice? Through your individual consciousness…..more specifically, the quality of your predominant method of thinking and how you "perceive" reality.
When you become consciously aware of those choices you begin to see and understand that it is your individual "beingness" that determines what is drawn from the Super Conscious Mind and experienced in your life.
Regardless of what you may observe in a physical sense with the limitations of the five physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, through digging a little deeper and giving some thought to where each of these "physical things" were derived from, you'll discover that each and every thing that has existed, which currently exists or ever will exist began with and happened as a result of an initially held thought or ideal.
It exists as the result of Consciousness.
Until a "thought" or ideal was produced or conceived in the mind, the possibility of this "things" physical existence would be impossible. Since EVERYTHING both seen and unseen already exists within the Super-Conscious Mind, although the potential for it's existence is and always has existed there, until conceived it would still exist only as a probability in the unseen or spiritual realm, or the Super-Conscious Mind as a "Probability" of existence.
Although this may be a bit difficult to comprehend, let's look at everyday physical objects that you use today so that you can fully grasp the reality of just how "true" that is and why due to your individual right to choose combined with the existence of the Super-Conscious mind, you have been provided the ability to both create and experience whatever you choose and are able to conceive as a reality.
It will become clear as to how you have the ability to experience a kind and quality of life that few understand and hopefully you'll begin to fully recognize and acknowledge the limitless power provided to you to be, do and have whatever you choose.

The Super Conscious Mind, Henry Ford, The Internal Combustion Engine and A Conceptualization

Look at the car that you drive...
Where did it come from? It came from the factory correct? Go back further. Where did the factory come from? Where did the parts which make up the car come from? Where did the bricks that made the factory "real" come from? Where did the machinery that builds the cars come from?
Although you see them in physical form, prior to them being manufactured or even conceived as an ideal, they must have existed somewhere right?.
Let's use a specific example...
Think back to the time before Henry Ford created and developed the first internal combustion engine. Prior to it's creation and development, it wasn't yet "real"...meaning it wasn't yet a "physical reality." It existed only in Henry Ford's mind as a thought, an ideal or conceptualization which prior to being created existed only as a "probability of existence."
The engineers and designers of that time attempted to convince Henry Ford that they couldn't DO what he had conceptualized and envisioned them doing. For them it wasn't possible to create this "thing." Yet Henry Ford chose to persist and kind of like the modern day Nike commercial told them to "just do it."
He "knew" it could be done even as far from "reality" as those who were attempting to design and create it "perceived it" as being. It wasn't yet real yet at the same time it did already exist somewhere. Where was that?
Within the Super-Conscious mind or if you prefer, the Infinite Field of Potential.
The car couldn't possibly exist until someone, in this case Henry Ford, had the imagination or what might be referred to as a vision...a heightened level of consciousness to think that it could be a physical reality. Until the ideal was established in the mind of Henry Ford, the reality of using and benefiting from an internal combustion engine existed only as a probability of existence.
It wasn't yet a "reality."
When "thought of", held and conceived as a possibility, it then became a possibility which through aligning correct thought, emotions and actions with it, enabled for it to manifest and become a "reality" in the physical world.
The original individually held quality of consciousness of Henry Ford, was transmuted form "pure consciousness" to thought resulting in an ideal or conceptualization, resulting in action which led to the creation of the automobile. The originally held thought or ideal was conceived and derived from the unseen or spiritual realm.
What is this place? The Infinite Field of Potential...The Super-Conscious mind.
Pretty cool stuff when you think about it don't you "think?"
Now let's take it just one step further and look at it from just a bit deeper perspective and put it in a more personal light...
Just as the originally held thought or ideal conceived by Henry Ford existed within the Super-Conscious Mind prior to being conceived as a possibility by Henry Ford it DID exist somewhere correct? Although at that point it only existed as a probability of existence, it's obvious that today it IS a "reality" and a very important aspect of our lives.
But it's NOT limited to automobiles, internal combustion engines and Henry Ford.
It's exactly the same with anything that you can think of that currently exists in the world whether the telephone, airplanes, the ability to harness the power of electricity for use in today's world, the computer that you're looking at right now, the software that runs it, the use of the internet itself, etc. etc.
ALL of them began from somewhere. They weren't just not here and all of a sudden they showed up. They were all derived from "somewhere." This somewhere was in the mind of those who have been credited with their creation which drew this originally held thought, ideal or conceptualization from the Infinite Field Of Potential, The Super-Conscious mind.
Each of these modern day inventions began and were made "real" as a result of individual consciousness. They were made possible as the result of an "individual quality of consciousness" beginning as a thought which was broadcast as a frequency of energy and sent into the "Infinite Field Of Potential" which due to the immutable and unwavering plan of creation...what I like to refer to as The Perfect Plan...more specifically the Universal Laws which oversee and govern creation, enabled and "allowed" what began as nothing more that a conceptualization to become a very real and important part of our lives.
It's these individual Laws, this governing force of all of creation, such as The Law of Vibration , combined with the unwavering certainty of the Law of Attraction , and the outcomes determined by The Law of Resonance , followed by The Law of Growth, which eventually resulted in the manifestation of the thing thought of, conceptualized and idealized about.
It's the process that enables ALL things that are "unseen and intangible" to become "seen and tangible."

Whether Intelligent Design Or The Big Bang, Our Current Reality Exists As The Result Of The "Super Conscious Mind"

Let's look at what so many get hung up on and often disagree about. The wonder of how everything came to be.
Look at yourself. Where did YOU come from. If you study ancient spiritual text you'll discover that The Source, whatever you might "perceive" Source to be "Thought" you into existence as well. The same holds true whether it be the earth, the solar system, light, the animals, etc. etc.
"He/She/It said "Let there be light" and there was light. Before you or light or the earth or the Universe was spoken into existence, it first existed as a "probability" pure consciousness, was conceived as a "thought" and made possible and "real" as a result of this consciousness that enabled it to become a physical reality.
Since you or nothing else were here yet at this point, this consciousness which made you and everything possible existed within what we're referring to as the Super-Conscious Mind.
It doesn't really matter how you choose to perceive how all this "stuff" came to be whether by intelligent design or as a result of what scientists call the Big Bang...the fact of the matter is regardless of exactly how it happened there is a much greater and far more powerful Force behind it all that enabled it to happen.
In the case of the Big Bang, even if that IS how it happened, it certainly required something...some awesome Force to light the firecracker that created it. There is some incredibly powerful Force that must have created something to light for that matter.
I personally prefer to refer to this Force as God but it's not limited to that description. This Source can be whatever you choose to "perceive" it as.
That part really doesn't matter. That's where too many get caught up in unnecessary debate. The Source is the Source REGARDLESS of our individual perceptions of it.
The important thing to grasp and understand is that there is some immutable and unwavering Source behind it all that makes all the probabilities that begin at the unseen or spiritual level real and which currently exist at the physical level.
Spiritual text also reveals that "You were created in the image and likeness of this Source."
Modern day science...namely Quantum Physics, validates this.
How? Because as they understand since Einstein discovered the theory of relativity, EVERYTHING, both seen and unseen is comprised of energy.
Quantum Physicists have proven, clearly shown and documented that we are all made of the same "stuff." This "stuff" is energy.
You, your consciousness, EVERYTHING exists as energy, as a form of pure consciousness and like the Source you have been provided the ability to consciously direct that energy to create (co-create) your reality based on the kind and quality of consciousness that you choose to project through your thoughts, ideals and conceptualizations.
Regardless of what they might be, they DO already exist as a probability in this field...this Super Conscious Mind. It's simply a matter of you choosing to consciously and intentionally conceptualize them.
OK, now that we've established that as fact, since everything that exists originated from a thought, an ideal, it becomes clear that those things which exist or ever have existed in your personal life as well as those that you will experience in the future are also the result of a quality of consciousness or thought.
Who's? YOURS.
You, being created in the "image and likeness" of Source have been provided the ability and the inalienable right to choose what you conceptualize and think about...whatever you choose... which is projected into, derived from and made "real" due to the fact that ALL things already exist as a "probability" within the Super Conscious Mind.
Not only the physical things that you use in day to day life but also the events, conditions and circumstances that you experience each day. It doesn't matter how or even whether you perceive them as good or bad, joyful or painful etc. Each is a result of what you think and believe that it will be. It's what you choose to conceptualize and "think about" most often that makes them real and right and true for you.
It's also how you "perceive" these things that determines the quality of consciousness that you choose individually which in turn determines what will be drawn from the Super Conscious Mind at some point in the future.
Understanding that, think about the "Infinite" possibilities available to YOU!!!. If you can conceive it in mind...your individual consciousness...since it is an already existing "probability" and you being and integral part of the "Whole"...created in the "image and likeness" of the whole...the Super Conscious Mind or Universal Consciousness...WHATEVER it is, you can draw it from this Infinite Field of Potential, the Super-Conscious Mind!!
Now that's REALLY cool don't you think?
Next, let's look at some of the mechanics behind why this is "true" and take a more "practical look" at why it is true as well as how and why it works the way it does.

Individual Consciousness, The Super Conscious Mind
and The Unwavering Process Which Makes Things "Real"

As you discovered in the Law of Vibration article, everything, including thought or consciousness exists as a vibrational frequency which regardless of the intensity of the frequency is broadcast into the Super-Conscious, or the Infinite Field Of Potential, attracts to itself additional energies of a harmonious frequency and through the process of manifestation (The Law Of Growth) produces physical results that you can see, feel, touch, taste and smell in your life.
The Super-Conscious makes no distinctions, determinations or judgments as to what you choose to project into it or draw from it but rather, as ancient spiritual text states, the Super Conscious Mind provides "Whatsoever ye desire."
Ahhhh....bit this is where so many have a difficult time believing or grasping this because most AREN'T experiencing everything they desire.
Well...there's also a "practical and logical" explanation as to why.
The MAIN reason is that most aren't choosing to remain "conscious of their consciousness."
Although many may have a conscious desire to experience something, it isn't the conscious aspect of mind which is responsible for communicating and connecting with the Super-Conscious but rather the subconscious aspect of mind which acts as the communication and broadcasting device which communicates with the Super Conscious and based on what's programmed at this "subconscious level", determines your physical results.
Your desires, which are determined by your conscious thought patterns either harmonize with or conflict with core beliefs stored in the subconscious aspects of mind which determine which frequency you are broadcasting into the Super-Conscious "infinite" field of potential.
From a physical perspective...
If you have a conscious desire to say for example, have more money, but at a subconscious level "think" you're going to be broke based on previously created beliefs established around money, you are in essence broadcasting an energy, which varies in frequency...what scientists refer to as a "resonance" that is disharmonious with creating the "reality" of money in your life.
Rather than consistently thinking the thoughts about being abundant in the area of money, and the emotions being created as a result of these thoughts about money, the message or "asking" is being projected into the Super-Conscious...where ALL possibilities exist, and based on the seed you are planting in the "Infinite Field Of Potential"...the "resonance" you are projecting due to your subconscious "beliefs" about money, you will and DO attract to you precisely what you are asking for.
Although you may have a strong desire to have this money or whatever else the conscious desire might be, it's the underlying and often "unconscious" beliefs you hold that determine and WILL create the various events, conditions and circumstances in your life. In EVERY aspect of your life.
It's your "resonance" that is creating your reality. It's this RESONANCE that determines what you are "asking" the Super Conscious Mind to deliver to you. It is what serves as the communication device with whatever the Source of your understanding might be...what we're referring to as the Super Conscious Mind which provides JUST as you are "asking to receive."
With that being true...
There's another extremely important distinction to make with regard to all this resonance and asking stuff...

That is...

Make A Conscious and Consistent Effort To Focus On
What You Want...NOT On What You DON'T Want

If you place conscious focus on NOT being broke you are still in essence placing focus on the opposite of that which is desired and will draw from this Super Consciousness, this "Infinite Field Of Potential" the thing or result that the predominant focus remains fixated upon, which in this case is being broke.
The only possibility to change the outcome is to change the vibrational resonance of the thought. Rather than focusing on NOT being broke, the predominant focus should remain fixated on having an abundant amount of money, internalizing it as an already existing reality, igniting the emotions that are responsible for intensifying the energy broadcast into the "Infinite Field of Potential" and the result is that you will draw from the Super-Conscious Mind the desired result.
You can never create a desired outcome by placing your predominant focus on the absence of it's polar opposite. If you desire monetary wealth it is necessary to keep thoughts focused on the attainment of monetary wealth NOT the lack of or absence of lack which in this particular case is being broke.
The subconscious patterns (beliefs) that you have established throughout your life are the determining factor as to what you are asking the Super-Conscious Mind to provide to you. Subconscious patterns that are based on lack and limitation are the determining factor as to what limitations you are experiencing and are strictly due to the limiting beliefs you hold in your subconscious mind.
By the same token any desired outcomes that you are experiencing are due to subconscious processes which connect with and draw from Super-Consciousness that which the subconscious mind "believes" will happen.

The Super Conscious Mind Doesn't Judge Or Discern and ALWAYS Provides An Outcome

Contrary to what many "believe" to be true, there is no judgment as to what will or will not be received nor is there such a thing that so many "perceive" and refer to as "unanswered prayer." When a desire or prayer is expressed in the way that most have been taught, which is a physical form of communication, if the underlying beliefs aren't in alignment with the "verbal" asking and the manifestation doesn't occur, it is due to a subconscious process, a core belief which is keeping the "desired" outcome from you, NOT the denial of the Super-Conscious Mind to provide it.
The Super Conscious Mind doesn't say yes to some things and no to others.
This would eliminate the possibility of free will and would keep you from fully experiencing and learning from the choices that you make in your life. If it "appears" that your desired outcome isn't being manifest, it isn't because the Super Conscious Mind is vetoing your request. It is ONLY because you don't "BELIEVE" that it will and through "conscious observation" can serve as a gauge to pinpoint a disharmony between the conscious and subconscious aspects of your mind. In other words there exists a "subconscious belief" that is keeping the desired outcome from becoming a "physical" reality.
The Super Conscious Mind ALWAYS says yes.
Next, let's look at how and why it works this way…..
I'm going to ask that you visualize yourself inside a spaceship and send yourself out of the earths atmosphere and thousands of miles into space. BUT... before you get into this spaceship take a good look around you and observe all the things in your surroundings whatever they might be. The possibilities are infinite as to what that might be.
Since your sitting in front of your computer, you see it, the table or desk that it's sitting on, the room that they are both in and whatever else might be in that room. Now step outside of your home and walk about 50 paces, turn around and face your house. These things that you were looking at in the individual room are no longer visible to you correct. Although you know they still exist they are invisible to you but you know they are still in the house. For the sake of this example let's assume that these things are the organisms within the house. They are many separate objects that the house encloses. Ok, now it's time to step into your space ship and blast off.
When you get to your destination shut off the engine and look out the window. What do you see. Can you see your house? No. Can you see the roads that lead to your house. No. Can you see the launching pad from where you blasted off from? No. So, what can you see? Chances are you see a HUGE big ball with various colors that resembles a large marble. One of those really fancy ones with various colors.
Can you see any movement or activity on top of this big marble? No. But before you blasted off you were able to see all the individual objects that existed there prior correct? The cars, the houses, the semi's, the stores, all the activity which was going on. Now allow your mind to envision these things again. Although you can't see them from your current vantage point you can envision them. These things represent the organisms that exist within the macroscopic.
Next take a look at your hand. It appears solid doesn't it? Maybe, if you're like most, you think it is solid. Although it appears solid based on what you can see with the naked eye, if you were to place it under a powerful microscope you would find that it's not solid at all. It's made up of organisms as well. In fact there are MANY microscopic forms of life existing on your body that you aren't aware of and are unable to comprehend because of the limitations of your physical eyes.
The point being is that you exist as an individual an organism in comparison to the Infinite and vast Universe that we exist in. BUT...being created in "The Image and Likeness" of Source...this Super Conscious Mind, you are an extremely important and integral part of this infinite vastness who has been provided the ability as well as the power to draw whatever exists within this field of Infinite Potential to you.

Transmuting The Mystical Nature Of The Super Conscious Mind Into Practical, Physical and Tangible Results

We've covered A LOT of ground. Here's the btoom line...
Everything is a result of consciousness. That which is not yet here in physical form which has not yet been discovered and conceived in mind exists within this "Infinite Field Of Potentiality." The Super Conscious Mind IS that field.
You only need think it into being, hold it in mind as an already existing reality in the physical world and the ways and means to bring it into your reality will manifest just as you instruct.
Based on the spiritual teachings of the greatest, wisest and most insightful teachers in the history of the world, you have the ability as well as the free will to create "whatsoever ye desire", the limitations of which are based only on what you "believe" is possible for yourself.
According to modern day science for every "cause" there is an "effect", the kind and quality of which is determined only by the "cause" which created it.
You and your beliefs serve as the Cause and the outcomes experienced as a result are the effects.
When observing nature it is apparent that whatever seed you plant, you will receive a harvest based on and limited to the type of seed planted.
You can choose what each and every area of your life will consist of once you learn to become consciously aware that ALL things are possible, that you as an integral part of the whole have the ability to make them a reality, to develop a conscious awareness of the seeds that you are planting through your thought process, consciously, purposefully and intentionally holding the ideal, the desired outcome as an already existing fact, align and allow your emotions to ignite as if you already possessed it as an already existing physical reality and the "Infinite Field Of Potentiality" the "Super-Conscious Mind" will deliver to you without judgment, just as you instruct and desire to experience.
You have been provided an inalienable right of free will to think as you choose to think. You have the ability to consciously control those emotions which act as the "frequency intensifier" of those thoughts and conceptualizations that you choose to think. You hold the same identical ability to create a life that you choose regardless of what you might currently observe, believe and "perceive" reality to be.
You can choose to begin consciously and purposefully creating whatsoever "desired" results that you choose to experience in your life or choose to remain an "unconscious" creator fully believing that whatever you experience in life happens as the result of some random and uncontrollable set of capricious external circumstances.
The Super Conscious Mind has provided you with the inalienable right of free will to choose what your reality in the physical world will be.
You have been provided the choice to determine your individual level of truth for yourself. Whatever you believe and perceive truth to be will become truth in your life experience and unfold just as you instruct and "ask for." You have the inalienable right to choose to look deeper than the physical aspects of your current life, discover a "Higher Truth" and draw from the Super-Conscious Mind, the "Infinite Field Of Potential" without limitation whatever you allow to be conceived and "believed" in your mind.
Whichever you choose is your right. Whatever you believe is "Absolutely Correct." There is no right or wrong reality. There is however "Higher Truth" which will enable you to experience a higher quality of life that the majority only dream about once you become "Aware" of your individual power to create it and become enabled and empowered to conceptualize it and believe in it's manifestation.
Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the "Super-Conscious Mind" which already contains within itself EVERY conceivable outcome and delivers it to you precisely as you instruct based on and due to "Unconditional Love" WITHOUT judgment can and will provide it just as you ask. The possibilities and the potential are "Infinite."
All that we are, all that exists in the entire cosmos is made up of this same stuff. Pure energy. Your individual consciousness is energy. The limitless and infinite potential which exists within the Super Conscious Mind is energy or pure light.
The energy that you make the choice to broadcast, the light that YOU choose to project through your thoughts, beliefs and emotions will be sent into the "Infinite Field Of Potentiality" into the "Super Conscious" aspect of mind and manifest in your physical world just as you instruct without fail.
Become conscious of that simple fact, develop an unshakable "knowingness" regarding who and what you "Truly" are, consciously and purposefully construct your thoughts based on "Infinite Potentiality", clearly define your desired outcomes and you will have achieved Life/ Self Mastery to create and experience the life of your dreams without limit.
Your light is always shining, projecting and creating something. The Super Conscious Mind ALWAYS reflects that "light" back just as you choose. You only need to become consciously aware of what that something is and the Super-Conscious Mind will oblige you and provide it to you "Unconditionally."
The Super Conscious Mind which is based on "Unconditional Love" guarantees it with immutable and unwavering certainty.
There is only ONE MIND : The Super-Conscious Mind... Everything conceivable that exists within it is merely a by-product and exists as an integral part within its "Infinite Possibilities."
You have been provided the inalienable right as well as the free will to discover and consciously harmonize with this Super-Conscious mind to begin "consciously creating" a life that few are aware is available to them.
The rewards received for making that conscious choice will be fulfillment, joy, purpose, peace and limitless abundance in each and every area of your life.
What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.
"As you believe so shall you receive."