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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Beloved masters, it is a worthwhile endeavor and often a great adventure to visit the ancient Sacred Sites around the world; however, the most powerful source of the White Fire Essence of Creator Light is within your own Sacred Heart chamber. As you move beyond the distortions of the third- / fourth-dimensional reality into the higher planes of consciousness, your human auric field will once again begin to blaze forth with radiant, purifying Light. Many of you are well on your way to achieving the radiance of an en-LIGHTEN-ed Self-master. When Sacred Love is present, all is in harmony. 

There has been some confusion as to the location of what we will call your 
Sacred Heart chamber, or the Temple of the Sacred Heart.  The Sacred Heart, your Soul and your Diamond Core God cell are all composed of etheric Creator Essence. The location of this inner temple of Light can vary slightly depending on a person’s physical structure. It is located at a central point within the body, a little to the right of the physical heart, and situated toward the back of the body, close to the spine. It rests against the etheric Rod of Power that runs from the root chakra, up to the crown chakra, where it connects with the Source column of Light, sometimes called the Silver Cord. Remember, the Sacred Mind and Sacred Fire of the Supreme Creator reside in all things formed and unformed.

The question has been asked: 
“What is the difference between unconditional love and Sacred Love?” Within all levels of consciousness there is an accepted range of vibrational frequency patterns that you will experience, or the range of duality that has been designed for that stage of development.  We call this the SPECTRUM OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS, which has a balanced frequency range running through the center. The vibrational frequencies increase with each higher sub-dimensional level you achieve. There is a range of frequencies created especially for the mental body, another range for the emotional body, and a more refined range for the etheric body that must be achieved before you may move to the next higher level.  As you move into a more refined, vibrational frequency level, a fragment of your Higher Self, which is attuned to that level, will take up residency within your Soul Star. The Higher Self that has been your OverLighting influence for the last phase of experience will move into your Sacred Heart chamber and merge with your Soul Self.

When we say, 
“you must seek to express unconditional love to those around you,” we mean the highest frequencies of love attainable for that level of Self-expression.  The frequencies of love will increase in power and perfection with each more refined level of Self-consciousness you attain. Remember, we have often told you, “pure perfection is only possible within the Essence of the Supreme Creator.” Every individual, fragmented Spark of Divinity from the greatest to the smallest will embody and project vibrational patterns that are less than total purity and perfection. Your goal is to integrate the highest frequency patterns achievable at each level of consciousness. When you tap into the wellspring of SACRED LOVE within the Seed Atom of your Sacred Heart Core, you will know without a doubt that the Essence of your God Parents dwells within.

Your Sacred Heart contains a precious Seed Atom of Divine Love from the Goddess so that the Sacred Love of our Divine Mother is always present within, while deep within the Soul is your Diamond Core God Cell containing the White Fire Essence of the Creator so that Divine Will and all the qualities, virtues and attributes of our God Father are available to you. True joy and adoration spring forth from the Sacred Heart and the Soul, where UNITY prevails.  From a human perspective it  may be difficult to imagine that your Sacred Heart, your Diamond Core God Cell and your Soul are all an intrinsic part of your true Essence. When you focus on the Sacred Heart, it will seem to take a predominant position; when you focus on your Diamond Core God Cell, its power and majesty will come to the fore; and when you seek to connect with your Soul, it will become the blazing Light of Creator Love within your Solar Power Center. So please, dear hearts, do not try to compartmentalize the components of your Essence, for they make up one UNIFIED WHOLE. 

It is important that you draw forth the maximum amount of Adamantine Particles of Creator Light into your physical vessel so the Sacred Fire of Creation may be ignited with your pure intention, and so you may then radiate this wondrous gift out into the world.  However, ponder  this: when was the last time you sought to experience the exquisite feeling of Sacred Love by turning inward into the sanctity of your Sacred Heart?  Radiate love to your Mother/Father God inwardly, and feel your Solar Power Center expand with the most profound feeling of love that you have ever experienced.
 Go inward, beloveds, for your God Parents await you there. In actuality, it is the Sacred Love of our Father/Mother God that activates/ignites the Adamantine Particles of God Light that you draw forth from the River of Life.

You are now aware that you have inner-dimensional levels within your brain structure which are attuned to the frequencies of your outer-dimensional world.  As you raise your frequency patterns, called your 
Soul Song, you gradually gain access to the higher frequency levels within your brain structure, your Sacred Mind, as well as the outer-dimensional worlds of the cosmos. All of the memories of pain, suffering and the negative memories stored within your brain structure are gradually being transmuted into higher frequency Light substance. Therefore you will not remember the majority of the negative aspects of your journey, only your successes and the joy and satisfaction you derived in your adventures throughout this Sub-Universe. It is important that you understand this concept that you are on an upward spiral; however, you are now in the process of going back through the past, healing the negative, imbalanced energies and memories as you journey forth into the higher realms of the future.  Your journey of ascension is as much an internal journey as it is an onward and upward march in the multiple realms of the physical world.

As a Spiritual/Human Being you are learning to make responsible choices, for you are now aware that your thoughts, feelings and words are the building blocks of your future reality. Moment by moment, 
YOU are creating the personal reality you will experience in the days and years to come. A responsible person always takes into consideration the consequences of his/her actions. To create a world of balance, peace and harmony, you must learn to expend your allotment of Cosmic energy with purposeful intention and focused detail, which is always directed toward the most beneficial outcome.

When the ego desire body is in control, you easily become a victim of circumstances and of those around you, for you are always seeking validation of Self-worth from the outside world and from other people. Accomplishment, wealth and status are measurements of worthiness in the third- / fourth- dimensional reality; however, a true sense of Self-worth comes from within as you open your Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind to the Divine Love / Wisdom / Will-power endowed upon all sentient Beings by our Father / Mother God. 
Love is the centrifugal force that creates harmony. Hate and fear separate, scatter and destroy the harmonic resonance around you. Gaining spiritual wisdom and understanding the universal laws of Creation will free you from being a slave to fear and will release you from the bondage of superstition.  You must be willing to face your imperfections and have the courage to change them or the wisdom to accept them.  It is only when you become aware of the ego self and its excessive desires and distorted concepts that you are able to begin the process of returning to wholeness.  Are you cultivating the strengths and qualities of your Soul or the wants and weaknesses of your ego?  Your attitude determines the altitude and the refinement of your vibrational patterns.

Many of you, the Star Seed, who have been on the Path for a good part of this lifetime, are growing tired of the drama, chaos and suffering in the world, even though you are not directly involved.  Your Divine discontent may now include a strong desire to walk away from your responsibilities, toss aside the job that was so important earlier in your life, but which now seems quite meaningless and no longer provides a sense of accomplishment. Your hard-earned, prized possessions have become more like a burden instead of a pleasure. This too is part of the ascension process, beloveds. The term 
“walking between two worlds” is certainly applicable for many of you at the present time. You are releasing many outmoded concepts and even drastically changing your  lifestyle; however, this should not include shirking your responsibilities. You are striving to focus on the good, the positive aspects in any situation, person or circumstance. You are also learning to radiate love and harmony whether you are with a group of spiritual brothers and sisters who project unconditional love and joy, or whether you are in a situation where fear, rejection, jealousy or power struggles are present.  It is easy to display or maintain the traits of a master while sitting on a mountain top in the tranquility of nature. However, it is much more difficult to keep your sense of serenity and control in the everyday situations of life.  Those who cause you discomfort and dis-ease within are your best teachers.  They mirror to you that which needs to be released from deep within so it can be healed.  As you change your perception and begin to radiate Love/Light in all situations, those around you will slowly change or they will gradually withdraw from your life. You will have learned the lessons they offered; therefore, they will no longer have an impact on your reality.

However, now that you have resolved many of the external imbalances around you, the healing / harmonizing challenges are now of a more personal nature. So many of you are experiencing bodily distress, strange symptoms and illnesses that vary from mild disturbances to sudden chronic or critical conditions. Your OverSoul senses the level and mode of experience you are ready for at each stage of transformation. These conditions were / are not created as a punishment but are what was determined was or is needed for you to clear and release the deep-seated imperfections which are keeping you from moving forward to the next level or state of Being. Minor accidents, sudden chronic conditions which are difficult to heal, fevers, congestion and so on seem to be rampant among the “
budding masters of the world.”  Therefore, we are bringing to your attention a wondrous healing facility which has been waiting to assist you through these times of physical stress and dramatic change.  It is also the reason we encouraged our messenger to compile the booklet outlining some of the major Ascension Symptoms so that you would have a better understanding regarding the radical changes that are taking place internally, along with the more evident outer world changes.

Beloved Bearers of Light, those of you who have earned the right to once again be designated as cocreators of a glorious world to come, must be aware that on the other side of the tests and trials you are now experiencing are the gifts, virtues, qualities and attributes which will supply all you need to become masters of the Living Light.  We,  your brothers and sisters of the higher realms, await you.  You have been sorely missed.  The radiance of our Father/Mother God shines down upon you, now and forever more. 

You are loved most profoundly,

I AM Archangel Michael