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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sacred Sexual Union; The Divine Play

Since I started writing about Twin Flames and Sacred Sexual Union and Multidimensional Sex I have received many questions and interests in the Creation of a Group and Videos. I will create all of this. The Releasing of Old Programs is needed in this area as well. We all wish to experience the Union while in physical form. The frequencies are supporting this as well.

Many have fears in the same areas they hold deep desires.  Who can be vulnerable today with their deepest desires. Trust, the ability to be Real and True is not part of the duality experience. The  opening and revealing at the deepest core of Ones Being. Revealing  Your Center, your True Being.  To show who you are at the Soul level to another is a SACRED experience.
Many things have been created in part of the Sexual pleasure of humans to give the stimulus to activate natural inborn tendencies.
At the True Core energy level this already exists and is present.
It is the allowing of the  Creative principle that activates the  Natural Energy Force of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine; for  The Divine Play to Exist.  This is why the Male and female aspects are held; to experience the Divine Play, Divine Union. Twin Souls, the natural Holding of the Soul at the core level Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine as One.
 had someone recently contact me questioning about the potential for twin flames to be of the same-sex. And yes this is Very possible. If this is happening to you Know that at THE Soul level there is the polarity of male and female. The Body does not dictate the Soul frequency and aspect of male female.
Although it is  more likely the Soul will take on the different body of male and female in the twin aspect,  this is Not always the case.  Especially considering the Great wish for many Souls to be present during this 2012 experience of the Universal Shift.
If there is a need for the Souls Advancement to experience an existence and help in the awareness of the Soul energy in a more powerful way through joining through the same-sex in body,  then this will happen. At Soul level there are no limitations, and form is not the Soul.
Eternal Playing out of roles in physical form may involve both parts of the Soul to emerge occasionally as a different sex in body for the attainment of the understanding of the roles in humanity.
I will be creating videos sharing with you more powerfully the frequencies of the New Shift to Union. Helping in the Release of the Old Programming at the cellular Consciousness level.
In Divine Love and Harmony in the Union of Source,
Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.