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Monday, August 27, 2012

Rollin' or Shaking!!! Looks LIKE a Partee to ME!

You are so cute and sweet  and rubbery in  your own way. We really love the fact that you are really great swimmers, and that you are not afraid of the sharks and other carnivorous creatures that live in the sea. We love the fact that you LUV to tan and you are not afraid of all those solar flares that are illuminating our planet at this time. We Love the fact that you can snuggle with each other, without the  the urge to reproduce all of the time.   There is something about you that makes us think that you actually believe in immortality because you are always in a good mood and you don't fear death at all.  You seem to LUV earth very much. Mother Earth LOVES you. We Love you. Thank you for everything!