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Friday, August 31, 2012

Nibiru, Planet X, NASA Scientists Are Quiet - 2012 is only the beginning not the end

Nibiru, Planet X, and its brown dwarf star, a twin to our sun, is not verified by NASA scientists as being real, but then again, if a catastrophe of those proportions were going to happen on the Earth and all the people couldn't be saved, would the government tell us it was real? It is very possible that NASA scientists have all received a gag order and are not allowed to tell about it. It could be a very highly confidential top secret that has only been leaked by those who unofficially spoke about it who were or are on the inside scoop about Nibiru and Planet X. Some NASA scientists have come out and said that there is no such thing as Nibiru or Planet X. Others say Nibiru, Planet X exists without a doubt. So here we have another quandary about what's really happening.
Several people report that Nibiru, Planet X can already be seen as a fairly sizeable ball of light next to the sun in the south pole already. It is said that Nibiru, Planet X will be seen by all in the world by 2010-2012. However, if you're in the south pole now you can see it with the naked eye. It is said that NASA already has scientists in the south pole watching Nibiru, Planet X and learning all that they can about it. Again, no NASA scientist seems to be willing to verify that Nibiru is real and all that exists is a few pictures on the internet that may or may not be real.
Some spiritual traditions and religions have predictions about "a star that will appear" when it comes to the end times. The Hopi predict that a star will appear and they call it the Kachina star. The Maitreya group calls the star a signal that Maitreya is coming to save humanity and enlighten everyone. There are other traditions as well that speak of the sky doing wild things right before chaos on the Earth ensues.
Ancient Sumerian Records Nibiru, Planet X, and more...
Zecharia Sitchen was the first to bring the ancient Sumerian texts to the public, interpreting and translating them for human ponderance. The ancient Sumerian texts depicted a large planet (Nibiru, Planet X) that entered the solar system very specifically in one of their drawings, and told how it would leave fairly quickly after it had come. In passing, it can have drastic effects on the Earth and other planets in the solar system.
Annunaki and Gold
These ancient Sumerian texts also depict a race called the Annunaki (Anunaki), a race of beings that live on Nibiru, Planet X. The Annunaki are said to have created humans, or at least caused humans to be "dumbed down" so they would make good slaves and mine gold for them. The Annunaki (Anunaki) want gold every time they pass through the solar system because their planet doesn't have enough of it and they use it to treat their atmosphere in such a way that makes it possible for them to live on Nibiru, Planet X. Without gold, their atmosphere would not support them. The plan is that they will pick up gold again when they pass through this solar system again, supposedly somewhere around 2012.
There is quite a lot of gold to get this time around. Gold mining has been quite successful for a long time. It is interesting to speculate about why gold seems so valuable to humans throughout history, in every culture, in every time period, even moreso than any other metal. Could it have been programmed into human consciousness by the Annunaki? After all, it is just another metal, right?
It is said that Enki was associated with the Annunaki, and Zecharia Sitchen wrote a famous book called The Lost Book of Enki. In this book, he describes much of what he found out about the Annunaki, Nibiru, Planet X and more in the ancient Sumerian texts. In Sumeria, the religions were set up around the gods associated with the Annunaki (Anunaki), one in particular called Anu.
If Nibiru, Planet X and the Annunaki are real, then the New World Order conspiracies and other human dramas are the least of your concerns! Celestial events trump anything humans do. However, there is no evidence given by NASA or any other scientists as proof that Nibiru, Planet X or the Anunaki are for real. It could be that ancient myths from Sumerian records discovered by Zecharia Sitchen are true, but maybe not.
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