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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Message from the Brotherhood of Light by SOLARA An-RA

Dearly beloveds, we wish to speak at this time on your emotional beingness. It is true that this is not a word in your dictionaries – beingness – but we would like to add it to your vocabulary, as it signifies a concept most significant to your future well-being. It is a STATE into which you enter when you forget about where you are hurrying to, and what you imagine you are meant to be doing – and take stock of what is occurring within.
The great spiritual teachers who have graced your planet have spoken of beingness – the state of being fully immersed in the present, and in the world. Take note – fully in the present and IN THE WORLD. Many of you seek elsewhere for your salvation and peace of mind - seeking through meditation to enter new states of consciousness; seeking through astral projection and ascension techniques to experience other worlds and higher dimensions. But if you cannot simply BE, while fully immersed in your Earthly experience, then you have not discovered the greatest secret towards a successful and happy Earth life!
The Buddhist concept of mindfulness speaks of this – of using your senses to immerse yourself fully in whatever you are doing at that moment, albeit the most trivial daily task. And we add to this now the concept of emotional mindfulness – of learning to be with each emotion as it arises and moves through you – for emotions are not as difficult to sense as you might imagine. It is possible to feel your emotions in your physical body, to listen to them, and to experience them without judgement. Without judgement, you question – without judgement towards the cowardly, evil, blaming, hateful emotions that sometimes arise within me? Yes, dear ones, without blame or criticism – allowing them to be noticed, acknowledged, and to flow through you, without attachment.
Let us say that you are in a state of anger in your thoughts and emotions. As you notice this you habitually take one of two routes – either mentally justifying your feelings by dwelling on the person or situation which sparked it off, or criticising yourself for being unspiritual, uncentered, for giving in to an emotion which you judge as ‘bad’. What we are suggesting is a third option – of noticing ‘Ah, anger has arisen in me over this issue. Interesting, I feel it in my solar plexus, it’s making my stomach uncomfortable. Thank you, anger, for showing me that something is amiss in how I am perceiving this issue. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, let me simply breathe through my solar plexus and bring energy into the places that are uncomfortable, and move onto something that feels better in my body’.
We realise that it is difficult to be neutral about your emotions when you have been trained to believe that some feelings are good, and others are bad. But we will give you a variation on that theme – which is that your emotions are indicators of when you are in alignment or out of alignment with your true Divine nature.You step out of alignment when you allow yourself to get sucked into a drama which does not serve you – and the ‘bad’ emotion that you experience as a result alerts you to this. The anger, in our example, is there to alert you that it would serve you to distance yourself mentally and emotionally from that trigger – and even if the trigger is right in front of you, and you are being confronted with that person or situation at that moment, you can detach yourself from the emotion simply by smiling at it, recognising what is going on, and experiencing yourself from the inside-out – as the love and joy which is the heart of your essence.
In order to achieve this, you must of course know what it feels like to experience yourself as love and joy. Practise doing this when you are in an emotional state of love and joy – this is easy to do, is it not? But FEEL inside your physical body, how these emotions feel, and where you experience them – and then EXPAND that feeling, so that it radiates through every cell in your body. Let that feeling encompass you, washing through your physical body. With practise, you will be able to bring yourself back to this beingness – this state of well-being – at will.
Notice what situations bring these feelings of love and joy into your being and body – the music you love, activities you enjoy, sunshine on your skin, thinking of people you love, being in the beauty of nature – and do these things more, and hold the feelings of love and joy in your body consciously. In this way you will train yourself to come back to these feelings at will, even in circumstances that have triggered rage or hate, jealousy or anger or helplessness, within you.
Thus it is that you take dominion over your emotional body and achieve a state of well-being regardless of circumstances around you – thereby creating well-being in the world at large. Well-being – true happiness – is what life on Earth is designed to bring forth in you. It is necessary to not only understand this but to CHOOSE this, dear brethren, now more than ever. Choose to be an example of happiness embodied, bringing yourself constantly back to this state of beingness we have described, learning to use your emotions as indicators of when you are on track or needing to change direction – and you will have succeeded in healing yourself, and lighting the way for others to be whole also.
And so it is.