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Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to be the (Golden Ratio/Fractal/Conjugate) LIGHT of the WORLD! By Dan Winter

As scientists we predict- if our technology culture does not actively learn the single symmetry principle of how centripetal forces are created and sustained - WE WILL NOT SURVIVE THE NEXT FEW DECADES. All self organizing systems- from gaia's plasma body to the only real definition of peacemaking- require this.
To FOLLOW THE LIGHT - you follow the fractal path where living plasma/charge compression and spin density- is made possible by the symmetry which allows efficient charge distribution.
When we said God is the truth and the light- what we meant was that the living (plasma/charge/ether/spirit) fountain of ancestral memory and the collective conscious existed in the fractal places and times where the lightening heart of spin enabled perfect wave connectivity. When you have bliss- it feels vividly like a flame around your pineal.. and your heart! The conditions to invite it are full of science lessons- mostly having to do with- how to join a perfectly shareable wave... call it Christos because this implosive compression IS precipitation!
When we were taught about the possibility of human oneness - or about infinite collapse by Einstein - or implosive fusion by the alchemists - or black holes caused by Golden Ratio by Nassim, we in fact were learning about the same thing: the wave self organization in the plasma 'flame' of mindfulness itself. Whether it is the shape of hydrogen's core, the fusion in the sun, the 'soul connecting' central bond in DNA's zipper or the wave fusion (successful compressing) at the center of plasma in the brain when you have peak experience/peak perception (bliss)...this central (Golden Ratio) compression solution and fusion psychology of oneness and physics of self organization in fact all resolve to one simple symmetry solution.. and it looks like this.....
Fractal THOUGHT: Thinking or perception itself IS a centripetal force!
The reason you cannot think straight- may be in your environment.
Failure to conjugate and compress- is loss of life and mind!.
Certain frequencies allow field effects to initiate implosive (self organizing) compression. Others prevent that from happening.
A weak field- which has the right harmonics and symmetry actually CREATES human attention AND seed growth! Examples: The 'Stonehenge' effect on seeds - book: Seed of Knowledge. Also the Vairocana / Kiva / Hypogeum effect to create initiation and life extension- how the SHEM or altar stone WAS the capacitor of life. (films at ) This is how the KABBA stone is a bliss field.
You can demonstrate this to yourself very easily. Put your head a bit too close to a noisy refrigerator- or to most any noisy source of serious electro-smog ( 3 or more transformers powering too many of your computer toys). What happens? You notice- that "you can't think straight". IF the frequencies and symmetry of the field prevents compression- then life and mind and gravity are reduced. The old story- the day you replace the bad flourescent light with sunlight in your childs classroom- is the day you measure the RETURN OF ATTENTION SPAN. WHAT IS THE NATURE OF ATTENION? Perhaps here we have a clue.
Let me tell you a short story based on my 30 years or more as a seminar presenter. We once did an intense 3 day or so conference near Geneva- in a beautiful chalet overlooking lake Geneva. Not only did I have my usual computer, projector and disk power transformers, but also Valerie and wonderful Cedric Mannu- doing French translation had their computers plugged in - near the front of the beautiful room. Somewhere around the second day, Karen- (deserves credit for this) - pointed out that she was feeling disoriented and getting bad digestion- everytime she was anywhere near the front of the room. Having sensed the nauseating problem of these - at least FIVE transformers plugged in - I decided to try a simple experiment. I unplugged all of them at once- and there was a gasp- of relief. Sudden and dramatic. The intense nausea and dizziness that was gripping the room - suddenly relaxed into a dramatic peacefulness. Before that- nausea and indigestion - and shortness of attention span- was quite evident.
Now, this is not a new observation. Scientists can easily measure how the wrong frequencies in your light and your electrosmog- reduce attention span ("Health and Light" by John Ott, and other works). What IS new is to explain why and how.
Attention itself is the process of gathering charge (or plasma or chi) into the symmetry necessary to imploder and compress.
Digestion itself - is a process of gather charge into implosion. For example- notice that if you remove synethetic and / or restrictive clothing - and then put your feet into (onto) living water and or rock- suddenly you burp or fart and digestion gets going! The electrical process that is digestion IS implosive compression- and that requires coherent phase relationship with ground - which IS a fractal frequency signature. (as Russell- so helpfully pointed out- you need to read about the health aspects of EARTHING- see - and read the book).
Even the trees are showing us - that a particular kind of frequency signature gives them the ability to be centripetal- and therefore stay alive ( , )
How a particular musical signature- and therefore symmetry of field, is the key to staying alive and centripetal- is the alchemic heart of this article.
HeartMath institute and the princeton NOOSPHERE project- tried to extend the process I originally taught Rollin McCraty when I showed him how to take the power spectra of a tree: (see top picture with frequency signature of tree- this article)
They failed to understand that their Josephson Junction kind of transducer (in the Random Number Generator) is in essence the same capacitive coupling as the "Callahan Probe" tree capacitive I originally showed them. If you don't understand that mindfulness- is the generation of the symmetry of implosive field compression- and that has a specific symmetry and frequency- then- you cannot very well measure when the conditions for self-organization are fulfilled!
Sadly - there are so many key principles these people refuse to notice:
that only one particular frequency signature will make a field centripetal and therefore self-organizing / mindful / alive.
Only one symmetry arrangement will create centripetal / mindful / gravity making force. This applies to optical, magnetic, and dielectric (PHASE CONJUGATE ) fields. (see animation '2 pine cones learn to kiss noses' - below of the precise equation for hydrogen animated in 3D by winter)
-- It's a pity that even though one of Heart Math's allies - Bill Tiller- pioneered some of the most careful measurements that FOCUSED ATTENTION CAUSES FIELDS TO COMPRESS (book: "Conscious Acts of Creation")- he joins them in refusing to understand what is the electric field shape which causes that to happen.
SO- this is the alchemy of our moment now. We need to actively understand, teach, and create the conditions for our environment to restore compression- and therefore emerge from chaos.