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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Haha!!AsIf-The New Earth

Thanks to Delores Cannon,she provided the first key of my awakening, "Lost Knowledge". I AM AWAKE...... This is a truth I know in my heart to be true about myself and many others also now awake. It is who I am and believe what will become in the very near future. WHAT IS UPON US MAY HAVE NEVER BEFORE HAPPENED IN ALL THE MULTIVERSES. Here's the link to take you to the video's:

This is not a channel for debates. There are plenty of those out there. This is a place for people to feel free to share their "waking up" WITHOUT the ridicule. I personally have evolved from that world of conspiracies and no longer have any attachments to it.

"Live and let live with the utmost respect for all life" is my true motto that I live by now. My channel name SpiritGuidesUnite was, I believe, given to me during my "waking up" by the ones that surround each and everyone of us. I consider it a gift and treat it as such. And that is what gave birth to this channel.

This channel is a dedication to all of us. Both terrestrial and non-terrestrial alike. We are ALL creatures of The Divine Source, good or bad. It up to us to choose how to live by them.

The following is provided by:

You are being given the choice to awaken, to experience why you chose to be here at this time, and to realize what your purpose is. The choice is always yours. However, it's being offered to you right at this moment. Love to All...
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