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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Evolving a Robust Root Chakra System, Part 1


Common Name: Root Chakra
Name in Sanskrit: Muladhara, meaning “Base and Foundation”
Color: Red
Vortices: 04
Element: Earth
Sound: Lam
Musical Note: C
Correlation Physics: Adrenal Gland/Kidneys
The base chakra is located at the base of the spine and has four small vortexes red. This chakra is the first physical connection between human beings and the planet Earth, not at the holographic level as with the Earthstar Chakra. The more open and vitalized the base chakra, the higher our provision of physical energy.
This chakra is generally associated with economic resources, survival, the basic needs of our existence; the ability to handle money, our independence from others, sense of direction and guidance in life; among other factors. It also regulates our ability to fight for the realization of our ideals.
Factors Regulated by the Root Chakra:
  • Survival
  • Self Esteem
  • Evolution of Identity
  • Achievement
  • Autonomy
  • Tribal thinking
The base chakra is also called the fundamental chakra, root, or basal kundalini chakra, because it is located at the base of the spine or backbone, near the sacrum-plexus.
During its spiraling movement, it presents itself through astral vision as only four lines, forming a suggestive picture of a cross an ethereal orange red color with red flares in its center.
It is the most primitive and simple of all chakras and in its “physical” manifestation, is one of the major outliner of shapes and stimuli of our organic life. It is the driver of the famous “Serpentine Fire,” an etheric center responsible for the flow of powerful energies emanating from the Sun and Earth intimacy: energy “mother of the world” because it is the main foundation of life in matter.
This chakra is also related to the first layer of our Auric field, our intermediate state of matter between the world and our perception as a personality-soul.
When this center is out of balance, we tend to fear more intangible things.  Some of these dysfunctions can create a lack of emotional control, causing decontrol of sexual energies, and creating dis-eases in organs related to this center. It can also present a general agitated behavior and feeling of general discomfort in being with our physical body.
When there are physical pathologies related to this unbalance, they are all feared based: either of rejection, failing, to face the unknown, to assume a posture sexual guilt, and fears that were rooted in the personality-soul during traumas in past lives.  Many of these problems can manifest as disturbances at the kidneys and adrenal levels.