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Friday, August 31, 2012

Edgar Cayce is a very famous psychic who had predictions and prophecies about 2012

Edgar Cayce is a very famous psychic who had predictions and prophecies about 2012, the pole shift (polar shift) and many other pieces of information about the Earth Changes that are coming with the date of December 21, 2012. He did not speak specifically about 2012, but rather his predictions were supposedly going to happen by the year 1998. His predictions were off and he had the timeline incorrect.
That is the trouble with predictions, it is hard to nail down the time at which they will happen specifically. That is the hardest part about prophecy: nailing down the timeline. Edgar Cayce's predictions are still thought to have much weight and probability. It is just that the timeline is off in his predictions. He suggested all these things would happen sooner than they are appearing in physical reality. They still might appear but at a later time. In fact, Cayce suggested that it would take generations for some of these things to come to pass. Shifting planets could take a long time to finish the process of rearranging themselves. Maybe that's where the 1000 years of peace on Earth come in, at least as far as the humans are concerned.
Edgar Cayce didn't only talk about 2012, he covered a lot of subjects, including cures for physical ailments with natural substances that no one else had come up with and which work. Most people who went to Edgar Casey for readings went to him for personal reasons, dream interpretation, health issues, career questions, and more. However, there was a bit of information about the 2012 Earth changes as the readings unfolded.
Edgar Cayce Predictions & Prophecies
A future map of the world after 2012, or the end of the world as we might know it, was suggested by Cayce only in words, and many people search today for this information of the future map of the world so they know where to go for safety. Some people have taken the time to devise such a map and you will find it if you search for a future map based on Edgar Cayce's predictions and prophecies. Many people trust Edgar Casey's guidance.
Cayce says that the East Coast of the United States will be disturbed, the west coast will literally disappear, and all coastal and close to sea level land all over the world will be under water. It looks like the Rocky Mountains will be the new coastal mountains in the United States. Anyone who was thinking that Nevada would be beach front property, it will be under water. Colorado doesn't fare too well even though the Rockies runs through it, it's elevation in general is still not high enough to stay above water entirely once the new land masses rise out of the oceans.
Edgar Cayce forecast that Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and would be gone, Japan as well, and Europe would be completely changed "in the twinkling of an eye." The Mississippi area of the United States would not fare so well. The Mississippi would become quite wide and the Great Lakes will drain into the Gulf of Mexico through it. Carolina and Georgia are also slated for disappearance. Some central states in the United States will be somewhat alright like the Illinois Ohio, Montana areas, while Canada has large portions of undisturbed area too. The western part of Canada is going to have challenges though. Edgar Cayce also predicted that there would be volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in the southern hemisphere more than the northern hemisphere. Land masses within the seas will arise to become islands and continents of their own.
Unfortunately, Edgar Cayce doesn't mention much about other parts of the world. It is probably due to the fact that he was from the United States and travel in his lifetime overseas wasn't as easily accessible then as it is now. He most likely didn't know a lot about the other parts of the world since his era wasn't as connected in communication like we are now. He does say however that there will be strife in Egypt, Libya, Ankara, Syria, the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf. He also mentioned that there would be strife in the Davis Strait which is between Greenland and Canada.
Edgar Cayce also predicted that there would be a global pole shift of 17 degrees into Russia and reportedly there will be a shift of 16 degrees, which is close.
Are Cayce's Predictions and Prophecies True?
Keep in mind that predictions are just predictions. No psychic, not even Edgar Cayce, is completely flawless when it comes to prophecies. His predictions that there would be massive cataclysmic damage from earthquakes between the 1930's and the late 1990's never came true. He predicted several that were false. They all sounded just as dire as these predictions but they didn't happen.
Truly, humanity's mass consciousness is a moving target and the future can change at any point where a different decision is made by the masses, or a different attitude emerges en masse. Predictions are not written in stone. Psychic visions are glimpses of different possible realities and it all depends on the reader as to which possible future is focused on. It takes skill to follow the most likely path that humans will choose in the future based on where they are now, and even if a reader is truly skilled at seeing what is going to be most likely the future, out of hundreds maybe thousands or even millions of different futures, it still lies in the realm of possibilities as just a probability. It is not written in stone.