Friday, August 24, 2012

W.O.R.D of the day: Eucharist = Your Christ With In or Christ With In You #TRUTH

You are so magnificent in your own way. We lUV everything about you.
We love the beautiful color of your skin and it's coldness. We LUV your eyes, your teeth, your jawline, We love your long beautiful spines. We Love the fact that you are so fast, quick and intuitive.
We also luv the fact that you are private and you mind your  own business. We Luv the fact that you are loyal and you treasure your own family. We LUV the fact that you possess the wisdom of the ages. And although, most of us are afraid of your looks and the fact that you might eat us. We recognize that we  eat and drink everything in sight most of the time. In other words we have a lot in common.  You seem to LUV mother earth mother earth LUVS you. We Love you just the way. Thank you for your LUV.