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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Truth! The vibrations from Home are those of celebration - The Group - Steve Rother Via Beth Fortman-Brand

Greetings from home beloved angels,

The vibrations from Home are those of celebration. We are celebrating a landmark, a level of vibration which all of humanity has now reached. Yes, it is difficult for most of you because when you move from one level to the next very quickly, it means that when you reach the new level you have to learn to walk again. You have to learn how to use your new energies and to anchor yourself through your new knowledge, your new perceptions. It is especially difficult when you move as fast as you have been moving. That is part of the reason that you have felt this energy coming in as waves, for that is how it has been on this planet. Just about the time you get your footing from the last wave, the next wave comes in and takes you on a new journey. Many of you have been going through repetition after repetition to try and ground your new energy. The challenge with that is that it will feel quite differently when you ground in the new energy. It does not have the same stability that you are so accustomed to. You reach the point where you say, “When I feel right, I will move.” Until then you are waiting for everything to come around you, but what we are telling you is that you will not feel rightuntil you move…until you actually start moving. Most of you have been trying to compensate for these waves of energy that have been coming in. Well, they will continue coming for that is the way it works. It may even feel as if you have three waves that push you forward and then one that pulls you back, but do not be discouraged. Sometimes humans move so quickly that a step backward is actually necessary for your own physiology. Do not judge yourselves for that, because you are moving as fast as you can move.

Working with the Waves
Your physical bodies are the part of you that will meet with the most resistance. As you move forward very quickly, your physical bodies must adapt to each level that you are functioning in and learn the best way to express your spirit at each level. This is the reason that many people feel so lost or disconnected. What they once used as a measure of success over and over again,  is now not as fulfilling as it was before. You wonder what you are doing differently; your life is not as exciting as it used to be, or you seem to always be in self-defense mode. You are always trying to compensate for the wave of energy that has come in, by trying to grounding yourself to find your surety again. Dear ones, we tell you that you will become comfortable with this movement and the actual anchoring of your spirit in the physical body will look quite differently in the days ahead.

Your physical body is now going through many changes. We have mentioned this before and explained that there are roughly 210 years in front of you with the direct, elevated movement of evolution. It will be quite some time before humans look back and see all the major changes that are happening. This has to do with how you assimilate this energy and how you deal with and anchor each one of these waves of energy as they come in. What we are telling you is that you will learn how to actually ride these waves. Instead of having them completely destroy all of your systems, your confidence, and everything you laid out for yourself, you actually say, “Here comes another wave. Let me get ready. Let us get prepared to move.” Change and movement will become commonplace and the stability in the future. You will get very bored if you try to anchor the way you are accustomed to today. In the future, that will not work for you; you are at this very awkward stage in between those two levels right now. Every wave that comes in will help to take you to that next level, but you still have to figure out how you are going to anchor yourself today. It is not so much about tomorrow or the future., Instead, it is about what you can do today to make yourself feel comfortable here and your body feel capable of expressing this empowered spirit. How do you do that? You do that one step at a time. You set your intent, you move forward, and you create your reality one heartbeat at a time. We say “heartbeat” because you are used to creating it with your thoughts, and we are asking you now to use the power of your heart instead of the power of your brain. It is not as though you are going to dismiss your brain entirely. We are asking you to form a new balance between the two, for you have always known the path. You have hidden it from yourself with your thoughts and your belief systems, but that is starting to change very rapidly now. You are finding that more is possible with every day and every breath in your body. Anchoring your light will hold the key, for that is what will bring you from one level to the next. Each one of you has brought a very unique vibration from Home. You can call it a tone if you would like to place it in the auditory realm, or you can call it a color if you would like to place it in the world of light, but it is a unique vibration and a very special gift that only you can carry. Yes, there are others that carry very similar gifts, but no one carries the exact piece that you have. It is the reason you are here at this time. Find a way to anchor and give that light to one other person and you have begun the process of re-anchoring yourself. The challenge here is that you do not feel like giving your light now, because you feel like you are in trauma and having difficulty. When you feel good enough, you say to yourself, then you will give your light. However, we tell you that is the key for it is what you came to do.  Any way that you can put yourself in a position to give something to someone else --  a vision, an idea, a concept, or a pat on the back -- can help you anchor these waves of energy as they come in.

Dear ones, we wish to speak of a very large of group of beings…we will call them spirits, since they do not have physical bodies. Each one of you has what we would call a cheering crowd behind you. Basically, they are your own group of cheerleaders that watches over your shoulder at everything you do; they are very similar to your guides in many ways. Your guides speak to you and offer you suggestions that sound very much like your own thoughts. When you go through this, what happens is that each of these levels can be different and every move brings you even closer to these these spirits. Let us  share a bit more with you so that you understand.Enter the Willing Witness

Let us take you back to when you were a child and were freer to explore your imagination. Perhaps the first time you saw a play or you saw a stage with people on it, you wondered what it would be like for you to be on that stage. We tell you that you have all shared that vision; you have all heard what it is like to be on that stage. Most of you have felt it in a very real way, because most of your life you have felt that you were being watched. When you are young, quite often you were taught that you are being watched. You were taught that god sees and judges everything. You become so afraid to be honest with your feelings because you think god will judge you. Re-member, you are god and that makes it very difficult because you are the ones that judges yourself when no one else does. Is that not interesting?
In reality, much of what is written in your scriptures is correct. We simply put it in a different order, for we see it in a slightly different way. We are not saying one is right and the other is wrong. We hope to offer you a vision of empowerment, because what we are telling you is now being discovered with your sciences. Much of what you call at this point quantum mechanics, sciences, or physics, has discovered a very curious truth. When you understand this truth, you will be able to use it in many areas. The truth  discovered is that when you have a bunch of particles over here, they are floating randomly until a person looks at them. The moment the person looks at them, they materialize into the clock, carpet, or lights; everything you see before you is made up of atoms. Now that sounds rather arrogant, but is that not the actual position of god? When god looks at something, it comes together at the last minute. We tell you, this has been your vision from the very first day that you have been on this planet. You are not aware of it and because of the time lag it is hidden from your view. You do not understand – at least on a global, conscious level – that you are creating your own reality every second of every day. You are now taking that concept and using it, but on a very deep level it is still very hard for each of you to fully feel that part.  What we wish to tell you, for you are a witness on this planet, is that it is what you are here to do. You are here to look at the atoms so that they can come together and create magic for you. Does that mean that you create other people? No, they are witnesses as well. In fact, all of consciousness is a witness. So, that brings you to a point of what is consciousness and where does that come from? How do you define that and how can you increase it?

Nested Torus, Nested Love

There is only one way to say that. You are physical, human beings but that is only the earth part of you. Your spirit is from Home; any part of light from Home that flow through your physical body is called consciousness. Now, is it not interesting that you are self-aware? In fact, you are the first level of animal that has become self-aware. We had the Keeper speak a little earlier about the nesting of toruses.  You are nested as well in a very similar way, for one level leads to the next and the next, and so forth. You are part of much larger families, much greater connections in many different ways. You are now moving and changing at the speed of love.

What about all these people and connections? What about all of these spirits that seem to always be watching over your shoulder? Yes, you always had a vivid imagination. The little devil would come out on one shoulder and tell you to do something, and then the little angel would arrive and they would have their arguments back and forth. Often, what you have felt was your witnesses, because you are also being witnessed by all of the beings that stepped aside so that you could take this place on planet Earth. You have a very unique key that has let you in a very special door at exactly the right moment. You are trying to figure out why you are here, what are you doing, and what is the meaning of life? And we tell you, dear ones, that you are right on purpose. Stop doubting yourselves; start allowing your greatness to show and owning your mastery. When you master something and someone comes to you and says, “I hear you are a master. Can you teach me that?” You say, “Oh no, I am not a master.” Why not say, “Well yes. I would be happy to show you. I am very good at that.” Own it, for you have worked very hard in those areas. Now more than ever before as you move from one level to the next, everyone and every bit of information is gratefully accepted on this planet. It is time for you to start touching your own spirit and allowing that connection from Home, that light to come through you to be conscious.
Of course you are not the only conscious ones on this planet, for consciousness from Home includes all the spirits which are connected. At Home there is no difficulty with it, because when you think of a person suddenly they are right in front of you. You simply are all connected to each other in an incredible way that allows you to pull this in very quickly. When you come here to planet Earth, , it takes you several years to learn how to function in these bodies and the physical limitations. Now we are telling you that you have the capabilities of recouping those abilities in the physical body. You have the idea that your energy field is only three feet in diameter, but actually you are huge beings. Enormous parts of the universe stretch energetically and mingle with every other energy field in ways that you are only beginning to learn. When you connect consciously, you are planting seeds and it has an effect. You spread your light in ways that only you can, and these are the greatest contracts that many of you have waited so long to fulfill. The magic is here and it is time.
Mourning in Progress
We wish to bring this one last piece today, for there is also a sadness on planet Earth that has been happening for some time. This deep inner sadness may strike you at some point, and we wish to tell you about it so that you understand what is taking place. Any time that you move from one level to the next, you are likely to experience a sadness. Much of the sadness that humans carry very deeply and far back in their consciousness has to do with leaving Home. It is what we call separation anxiety, and you actually had to leave your Home where you were connected to everything. At Home, everything was done with a simple thought. Then you had to come down here and pretend to be a human, and that has left many of you with scar tissue. However, what you may now be finding is that it is no longer needed in the same way. Much of your own evolution is taking you to a level of communication that can happen very quickly. In a matter of about 85 to 95 years, you will look back on the communication you are using today and you will laugh at it. You will wonder why you had that much time to receive and give all that information with those little tiny words. You will wonder what on Earth you were thinking to have to write all of these word-filled stories and put them into books. Your communication levels are going to change very, very quickly, and with that will emerge all of the hidden teachers. Every one of you will come out, ready or not You will be the same person walking down the street saying, “No, I am not a teacher. I am not a teacher.” But then what will happen is that someone will approach you and ask you a question. The students will show up even if you do not own it, because the vibration is correct now and your information is needed more than ever before.
Have you ever experienced someone walking up to you and asking you a very important question, for which you had the perfect answer? You opened your mouth to speak, and out came the perfect thing at the right time and place. That is called channeling and it is a part of you, the part that you are learning to master and use in your daily life. Yes, channeling has had a very bad rap for many years. It has been in the woo woo area of your reality and difficult for you to understand. Yet, if we simply call channeling intuition, imagination, or even creativity, does not it all come from the same place?  Is it not all channeled to you at the last minute when you are in the perfect place to receive it? Yes it is, and what is starting to happen now is that it is becoming popular to listen to.
The heart energy and your connections to your own heart will lead the way and light your path as has never been seen before. You will receive help from all of your witnesses, for they are the same connection to god and to Home. There are literally thousands of these spirits behind each and every one of you, and they are your greatest cheerleaders. They are the ones that stepped aside and said, “Let them go because they can make more of a difference on planet Earth than I can.” They are so incredibly proud of you. You are making this work. You are taking the end of planet Earth and scripting a new game. Every day contains new possibilities and new lights. All we ask you to do is to know that however alone you may feel sometimes, you are a nested part of a very large family. That family is feeding you its light and love from the other side of the veil as much and as often as you will receive it, for that is the only limitation. They are flooding you with light and love every moment of every day. They are witnessing your experience. You can actually say that they are making you real. That may be difficult to grasp, but if you understand that you have thousands of spirits doing nothing except watching your every step and wanting to help, to make you feel okay and confident. Perhaps you can feel that and get just enough confidence from it to take this next step of setting it into motion and stepping up to the next level and speaking your truth. You are nested inside of other hearts – every heart is connected. Use and find that connection any way you can and your lives change very fast, as we watch with amazement. From this side of the veil, we have our arguments and discussions. We have our, “Oh, watch this person here. Let us see if they make it as far as they think they are going to make it.” We have all these fun connections, but even at Home very few of us ever thought that humanity would make it this far. Yet here you are, creating a new world…creating a new light and sharing it with each other.

It is with the greatest of honor that we speak to you in this fashion. We have been speaking for a very long time, but it is only lately you have been listening. We tell you that you are the greatest angels that have ever lived. You need to understand who you are and take that power. Own your mastery, for it is of great service now more than ever before. Treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you get. You are playing a new game. Play well together.